ASR 88 (winter 2024)

EDITORIAL: For an Unconditional Ceasefire
WOBBLES: Organizing Tesla, Rejecting War, Strike Bans, Criminalizing Protest, Searching for Prosperity
Syndicalist News: Solidarity with Myanmar Workers, Nepalese Teachers, IWW Organizing, Spanish Syndicalists Strike… compiled by Mike Hargis
ARTICLES: Heat Waves/Strike Waves by Jeff Shantz
Canadian Labor & Green Transition Bargaining: A Green Syndicalist View by Jeff Shantz
The Summer of Strikes
Can Anarchists Support the Ukrainian People Without Supporting the Ukrainian State? by Wayne Price
Rudolf Rocker at 150 by Jerome Warren
Anarchist Work in a Capitalist State by Rudolf Rocker
The Danger of Nationalism by Rudolf Rocker
Why Join a Minority Syndicalist Union? by Rasmus Hästbacka
REVIEWS: Bullshit Work by Chad Anderson
Sewn in Coal Country by Bill Barry
Italian Anarchists in America by Martin Comack
Socialism as Apple Pie film review by Jeff Stein
Left Americana by Iain McKay
Putting Work in its Place by Jon Bekken
Letters: War in Ukraine, American Autocracy


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