Anarcho-Syndicalist Review 41-50

#41 (Summer 2005)cover41
Editorial: The Torture State
Obituaries: Harald Beyer-Arnesen, Antonio Tellez…
Wobbles: Business unions quitting AFL-CIO, Forgetting May Day, Pension Crisis, Workplace Surveillance, Too Smart to Work, Death of a Pope…
International Notes: CNT strikes French postal system, Spanish CNT strikes, AIT May Day statement
History of the Revolutionary Labor Movement by Felipe Corrêa & Camila Leme De Mattos
Celebrating 100 Years of the IWW
On the Ascendancy of the State by Oscar Mazzoleni
Marx and Makhno vs. McDonald.s in Paris by Loren Goldner
Lessons from a Social Service Worker.s Strike by Todd Pressman
Film Review: Self-Management in Argentina by Len Wallace
Book Reviews: Water Wars in Bolivia, Voltairine De Cleyre Reviews by Jeff Stein
Anarchist Social Workers Review by Larry Gambone
Freedom, Anarchism, or Social Ecology by Tony Sheather
People With No Government Review by Louis Prisco
The Impossibility of Just Prices Review by Jon Bekken
Two Pamphlets on Anarchism Review by John Kalwaic
Letters: Free Speech & Anarchism, Condolences
Conference on Radical Economics

Double Issue #42/3 (Winter 2006)cover42-3
Editorial: Hurricane Katrina shows the empire has no clothes
Obituary: Pa Chin
Wobbles: Tsunami Relief, The Surveillance State, Government by the Rich, The Profit Motive…
Transportation Workers Resist Global Attack, by John Kalwaic; Free-Riding in Sweden
International Notes: CNT Turns 95, Phony Self-Management in Venezuela, Parisian Riots
1905: Origins of the General Strike, by Iain McKay
Special Section on the IWW Centenary:
The IWW & the Search for an International Policy, 1905-1935, by Wayne Thorpe
Wobblies Against War: The U.S. and Australian IWW Campaigns Against World War I, by Fran Shor
The Tragedy of James McGill: A Hidden Chapter in IWW History, by Eric Chester
The IWW in New Zealand, by Frank Prebble
The influence of the IWW in Southern Africa, by Lucien van der Walt
Wobblies in the Spanish Civil War, by Matt White
Rebuilding the IWW in the 1970s, by Arthur J. Miller
Taking On Borders, by Jon Bekken
For Workers’ Power, Review essay by Iain McKay
Reviews: The IWW in British Columbia, The Blast, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Activism 101, Anarchism in the Academic Journals Reviews by Jeff Stein, Mike Hargis, John Kalwaic, and Jon Bekken
Letters: Conditions for Effective Organizing

#44 (Summer 2006)cover44
Editorial: May Day: For the free movement of labor, 20 years of the LLR/ASR
Obituary: Paul Avrich
Wobbles: Mutual Aid Among Chimpanzees, Syndicalists on reality TV, the surveillance state…
International Notes: IWW continues moving forward, Spanish CNT fights Mercadona, Serbian syndicalists win battle, FAU Germany fights temp agency
Against the Class Injustice: Direct Actions & Solidarity! by International Workers Association (AIT) Secretariat
Clausewitz on the Pampas: An Argentine snapshot as Latin America moves leftward by Loren Goldner
Anarchist Visions Argentina by Marie Trigona
Venezuela 2006: Anarchists against all odds by Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas of Venezuela
The VI Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle & the new Latin American left by Movimiento Libertario Cubano
Chinese anarchists in the U.S. by Mitch M.
The legacy of Voltairine De Cleyre Review essay by Iain McKay
The politics of community Review by Graham Purchase
REVIEWS: The Coming Dark Age, “Hurrah for anarchy!” Remembering Haymarket Reviews by Jeff Stein, Iain McKay & Jon Bekken
LETTERS: Remembering (both) Archie Browns, The Borders Campaign
The victory in France by Jonas Bals

#45 (Winter 2007)cover45
Editorial: All Out for May Day 2007!
Obituary: John Taylor Caldwell
Wobbles: Union Scabbing, Immigrant Workers Strike, Cardboard Soldiers, Gambling for the Dole…
CNT Battles Spanish Bosses, Polish Syndicalists Organize, Wobbly Warehouse Workers Fight Back… compiled by Mike Hargis
Swedish syndicalists fight attack on jobless benefits by Klas Rönnbäck & Irene Elmerot
23rd AIT/IWA Congress meets in Manchester
Venezuela 2006 by Nelson Méndez, CRA
The “science” of class warfare by Iain McKay
Success and failure in Solidarity Unionism by Todd Hamilton & Nathaniel Miller
The Spanish Revolution 70 years on by Iain McKay
Wobblies in the Spanish Revolution, part 2 by Matt White
Red Emma & the Reds by Iain McKay
Reviews: Failed States (Chomsky) review by Jeff Stein; George Brown: Cobbler Anarchist review by Mike Long
Letters: Legacy of Voltairine de Cleyre, Grey Wu

#46 (Spring 2007)cover46
Editorial: Pinochet & Friedman ­ Being wrong is no hindrance when you empower the rich, by Iain McKay
Announcements: International Syndicalist Conference, Chicago Conference on Anarchist Theory…
Wobbles: Employer terror, Piecard bonanza, “Joe Hill”…
International Notes: Wobbly warehouse workers, CNT archeologists, Iranian strike, Italian metal workers in solidarity, Polish syndicalists, compiled by Mike Hargis
Anarchists in the Italian factory occupations, by Iain McKay
Africa: Systems crashing, people pushing back, by Marc B. Young
Clouds of Complicity and Compromise or Swords of Justice and Solidarity?, by Peter Waterman
Towards a Global Labor Charter Movement
Travels through Africa by D.L. Nevin
Reviews: Debunking Economics, Anthropology and Anarchism Reviews by Iain McKay & Graham Purchase
Remembering Murray Bookchin, by Iain McKay
Workers Self-Management Conference in Buenos Aires

#47 (Summer 2007)
Editorial: Building an international labor movement
Wobbles: Business Union Follies, Boom Goes the Bust, Capitalism’s Gambling Fetish, U.S. Anti-Labor Law…
International Notes: Solidaridad Obrera 100 years old, CNT wins at Urban Gardens, Mercadona, Airbus workers’ wildcat, Starbuck’s Workers Union, Foodstuffs workers struggle for justice… compiled by Mike Hargis
Syndicalist struggles in Italy from CNT #332
Nicolas Sarkozy: A mandate for class war by Iain McKay
Syndicalists plan stronger international cooperation by Eric Chester
Time for a real international union movement by Adam Lincoln
Venezuela: RCTV and the fictional democratization of communication by El Libertario
Survival of the nicest
The Castroist revolution at work from Cuba Libertaria
On the Bolshevik Myth by Iain McKay
Whose Lucy Parsons? The mythologizing & reappropriation of a radical hero by Casey Williams
REVIEWS: The sources of authoritarianism by Jon Bekken; New Bakunin biography by Iain McKay; Staving off ecological collapse by Jeff Stein; Demystifying the boss by Robert Helms.

#48/49 (Winter 2008)
Editorial: An Injury to All…
Wobbles: Economic Boom, Renting Politicians, The Anti-Labor Board at Work…
International Notes: CNT fights for recognition, Wobbly recycling workers, Polish bus drivers, Germany’s strike bike wins, France… compiled by Mike Hargis
Venezuela today by Rafael Uzcategui
Workers’ struggles in the Middle East by John Kalwaic
Immigrant New York foodstuffs workers organize industry-wide
Wobbly campaign against ‘illegal’ jobs by Maria Rodriguez Gil
On the Tenant Power Question by Dan Jakopovich
Four Question Concerning Privatizations by Jaime Gonzales Soriano, CNT, translated by Mike Hargis
Between Christianity and the libertarian left: How wide the gap? by Marc B. Young
Anarchism & Religion by Robert P. Helms
Do You Really Care? Pathos of a Revolutionary by Richard Kidd
A failed revolution? The experience of the French Popular Front, 1936-38 by David Berry
Green Unionism by Dan Jakopovich
REVIEWS: Socially Resposible Unionism, Factories Without Bosses, Free Speech on the Job, Carlo Tresca Remembered, Jones vs. Kropotkin Reviews by Jon Bekken, Iain McKay, Graham Purchase & Matt White

#50 (Winter 2008)
Editorial: Instead of Bread, Electoral Circuses…
Wobbles: SEIU in bed with the bosses? Millions on politricksters, A union-buster goes home, Health (profits) for all…
International Notes: Dock Workers’ Direct Action Against Repression, War; CNT Auto Workers Fight Layoffs in Barcelona; Syndicalists in Back Pay for Immigrant Workers; The Castros and the “reforms”…
Smashing Corporate Reliance on Slavery, by Elias Lawless
High School Students Ally with Teachers, by John Kalwaic
Would cutting wages really reduce unemployment? by Iain McKay
Crash? Bang? Wallop? What a system! by Iain McKay
The Paris Commune, Marxism and Anarchism, by Iain McKay
Review Essay: Durruti in the Spanish Revolution, by Richard Alexander
REVIEWS: Goldman on Spain, Conquest of Bread, Workers in Civil Rights Struggle, by Jon Bekken
LETTER: Memorializing Carlo Tresca
Korean “casual” workers fight for rights by Loren Goldner