Anarcho-Syndicalist Review 41-60

#41 (Summer 2005)cover41
Editorial: The Torture State
Obituaries: Harald Beyer-Arnesen, Antonio Tellez…
Wobbles: Business unions quitting AFL-CIO, Forgetting May Day, Pension Crisis, Workplace Surveillance, Too Smart to Work, Death of a Pope…
International Notes: CNT strikes French postal system, Spanish CNT strikes, AIT May Day statement
History of the Revolutionary Labor Movement by Felipe Corrêa & Camila Leme De Mattos
Celebrating 100 Years of the IWW
On the Ascendancy of the State by Oscar Mazzoleni
Marx and Makhno vs. McDonald.s in Paris by Loren Goldner
Lessons from a Social Service Worker.s Strike by Todd Pressman
Film Review: Self-Management in Argentina by Len Wallace
Book Reviews: Water Wars in Bolivia, Voltairine De Cleyre Reviews by Jeff Stein
Anarchist Social Workers Review by Larry Gambone
Freedom, Anarchism, or Social Ecology by Tony Sheather
People With No Government Review by Louis Prisco
The Impossibility of Just Prices Review by Jon Bekken
Two Pamphlets on Anarchism Review by John Kalwaic
Letters: Free Speech & Anarchism, Condolences
Conference on Radical Economics

Double Issue #42/3 (Winter 2006)cover42-3
Editorial: Hurricane Katrina shows the empire has no clothes
Obituary: Pa Chin
Wobbles: Tsunami Relief, The Surveillance State, Government by the Rich, The Profit Motive…
Transportation Workers Resist Global Attack, by John Kalwaic; Free-Riding in Sweden
International Notes: CNT Turns 95, Phony Self-Management in Venezuela, Parisian Riots
Articles: 1905: Origins of the General Strike, by Iain McKay
Special Section on the IWW Centenary:
The IWW & the Search for an International Policy, 1905-1935, by Wayne Thorpe
Wobblies Against War: The U.S. and Australian IWW Campaigns Against World War I, by Fran Shor
The Tragedy of James McGill: A Hidden Chapter in IWW History, by Eric Chester
The IWW in New Zealand, by Frank Prebble
The influence of the IWW in Southern Africa, by Lucien van der Walt
Wobblies in the Spanish Civil War, by Matt White
Rebuilding the IWW in the 1970s, by Arthur J. Miller
Taking On Borders, by Jon Bekken
For Workers’ Power, Review essay by Iain McKay
Reviews: The IWW in British Columbia, The Blast, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Activism 101, Anarchism in the Academic Journals Reviews by Jeff Stein, Mike Hargis, John Kalwaic, and Jon Bekken
Letters: Conditions for Effective Organizing

#44 (Summer 2006)cover44
Editorial: May Day: For the free movement of labor, 20 years of the LLR/ASR
Obituary: Paul Avrich
Wobbles: Mutual Aid Among Chimpanzees, Syndicalists on reality TV, the surveillance state…
International Notes: IWW continues moving forward, Spanish CNT fights Mercadona, Serbian syndicalists win battle, FAU Germany fights temp agency
Against the Class Injustice: Direct Actions & Solidarity! by International Workers Association (AIT) Secretariat
Articles: Clausewitz on the Pampas: An Argentine snapshot as Latin America moves leftward by Loren Goldner
Anarchist Visions Argentina by Marie Trigona
Venezuela 2006: Anarchists against all odds by Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas of Venezuela
The VI Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle & the new Latin American left by Movimiento Libertario Cubano
Chinese anarchists in the U.S. by Mitch M.
Reviews: The legacy of Voltairine De Cleyre Review essay by Iain McKay
The politics of community Review by Graham Purchase
REVIEWS: The Coming Dark Age, “Hurrah for anarchy!” Remembering Haymarket Reviews by Jeff Stein, Iain McKay & Jon Bekken
Letters: Remembering (both) Archie Browns, The Borders Campaign
The victory in France by Jonas Bals

#45 (Winter 2007)cover45
Editorial: All Out for May Day 2007!
Obituary: John Taylor Caldwell
Wobbles: Union Scabbing, Immigrant Workers Strike, Cardboard Soldiers, Gambling for the Dole…
International Notes: CNT Battles Spanish Bosses, Polish Syndicalists Organize, Wobbly Warehouse Workers Fight Back… compiled by Mike Hargis
Swedish syndicalists fight attack on jobless benefits by Klas Rönnbäck & Irene Elmerot
23rd AIT/IWA Congress meets in Manchester
Venezuela 2006 by Nelson Méndez, CRA
Articles: The “science” of class warfare by Iain McKay
Success and failure in Solidarity Unionism by Todd Hamilton & Nathaniel Miller
The Spanish Revolution 70 years on by Iain McKay
Wobblies in the Spanish Revolution, part 2 by Matt White
Red Emma & the Reds by Iain McKay
Reviews: Failed States (Chomsky) review by Jeff Stein
George Brown: Cobbler Anarchist review by Mike Long
Letters: Legacy of Voltairine de Cleyre, Grey Wu

#46 (Spring 2007)cover46
Editorial: Pinochet & Friedman -­ Being wrong is no hindrance when you empower the rich by Iain McKay
Announcements: International Syndicalist Conference, Chicago Conference on Anarchist Theory…
Wobbles: Employer terror, Piecard bonanza, “Joe Hill”…
International Notes: Wobbly warehouse workers, CNT archeologists, Iranian strike, Italian metal workers in solidarity, Polish syndicalists compiled by Mike Hargis
Articles: Anarchists in the Italian factory occupations by Iain McKay
Africa: Systems crashing, people pushing back by Marc B. Young
Clouds of Complicity and Compromise or Swords of Justice and Solidarity? by Peter Waterman
Towards a Global Labor Charter Movement
Travels through Africa by D.L. Nevin
Reviews: Debunking Economics, Anthropology and Anarchism Reviews by Iain McKay & Graham Purchase
Remembering Murray Bookchin by Iain McKay
Workers Self-Management Conference in Buenos Aires

#47 (Summer 2007)
Editorial: Building an international labor movement
Wobbles: Business Union Follies, Boom Goes the Bust, Capitalism’s Gambling Fetish, U.S. Anti-Labor Law…
International Notes: Solidaridad Obrera 100 years old, CNT wins at Urban Gardens, Mercadona, Airbus workers’ wildcat, Starbuck’s Workers Union, Foodstuffs workers struggle for justice… compiled by Mike Hargis
Syndicalist struggles in Italy from CNT #332
Articles: Nicolas Sarkozy: A mandate for class war by Iain McKay
Syndicalists plan stronger international cooperation by Eric Chester
Time for a real international union movement by Adam Lincoln
Venezuela: RCTV and the fictional democratization of communication by El Libertario
Survival of the nicest
The Castroist revolution at work from Cuba Libertaria
On the Bolshevik Myth by Iain McKay
Whose Lucy Parsons? The mythologizing & reappropriation of a radical hero by Casey Williams
Reviews: The sources of authoritarianism by Jon Bekken
New Bakunin biography by Iain McKay
Staving off ecological collapse by Jeff Stein
Demystifying the boss by Robert Helms.

#48/49 (Winter 2008)
Editorial: An Injury to All…
Wobbles: Economic Boom, Renting Politicians, The Anti-Labor Board at Work…
International Notes: CNT fights for recognition, Wobbly recycling workers, Polish bus drivers, Germany’s strike bike wins, France… compiled by Mike Hargis
Venezuela today by Rafael Uzcategui
Workers’ struggles in the Middle East by John Kalwaic
Immigrant New York foodstuffs workers organize industry-wide
Wobbly campaign against ‘illegal’ jobs by Maria Rodriguez Gil
Articles: On the Tenant Power Question by Dan Jakopovich
Four Question Concerning Privatizations by Jaime Gonzales Soriano, CNT, translated by Mike Hargis
Between Christianity and the libertarian left: How wide the gap? by Marc B. Young
Anarchism & Religion by Robert P. Helms
Do You Really Care? Pathos of a Revolutionary by Richard Kidd
A failed revolution? The experience of the French Popular Front, 1936-38 by David Berry
Green Unionism by Dan Jakopovich
Reviews: Socially Responsible Unionism, Factories Without Bosses, Free Speech on the Job, Carlo Tresca Remembered, Jones vs. Kropotkin Reviews by Jon Bekken, Iain McKay, Graham Purchase & Matt White

#50 (Winter 2008)
Editorial: Instead of Bread, Electoral Circuses…
Wobbles: SEIU in bed with the bosses? Millions on politricksters, A union-buster goes home, Health (profits) for all…
International Notes: Dock Workers’ Direct Action Against Repression, War; CNT Auto Workers Fight Layoffs in Barcelona; Syndicalists in Back Pay for Immigrant Workers; The Castros and the “reforms”…
Smashing Corporate Reliance on Slavery by Elias Lawless
High School Students Ally with Teachers by John Kalwaic
Articles: Would cutting wages really reduce unemployment? by Iain McKay
Crash? Bang? Wallop? What a system! by Iain McKay
The Paris Commune, Marxism and Anarchism by Iain McKay
Review Essay: Durruti in the Spanish Revolution by Richard Alexander
Reviews: Goldman on Spain, Conquest of Bread, Workers in Civil Rights Struggle by Jon Bekken
Letter: Memorializing Carlo Tresca
Korean “casual” workers fight for rights by Loren Goldner

ASR 51 (Winter 2008-09)
Editorial: No grounds for hope, No reason to despair
Wobbles: Workers’ Occupation Victorious, Making the boss press tell the truth, ACORN corruption, Political strikes illegal, Longhaul raided
International Notes: Mondragon’s capitalism, The CNT-F & labor law “reform,” Convicted of picketing, Global Day of Action against Starbucks, Racketeering suit against Wobblies tossed
Articles: Wanted: $20 a gallon gas, and free public transportation, by Mike Long
On Paul Krugman’s Nobel prize in economics: Class, power & “free” markets by Iain McKay
Militarized Strike-Management & Strike-Breaking in Post-WW II United States by Dan Jakopovich
Symposium: The Industrial Workers of the World: One Hundred Years of Revolutionary Unionism by Gerald Ronning, Mike Hargis and Eric Chester with a comment from Jon Bekken
Symposium: Murray Bookchin: His Legacy and Final Work by Iain McKay and Graham Purchase
Reviews: The Bolsheviks in Power by Iain McKay
“Class Struggle Anarchist Conference”
Primitivism, Post-Modernism, Chomsky and Anarchism by Graham Purchase

ASR 52 (Summer 2009)
Editorial: EFCA is not the solution
Wobbles: Obama: Hope dies hard, “Change to Win” labor fed collapses, Infestation of cops, Crime does pay…
International Notes: We won’t pay for their crisis!, Vietnamese garment workers wildcat, F.O.R.A. rebuilding in Argentina, Swedish Nazis firebomb syndicalists, Assassination of workers in Venezuela, General Strike Against the Crisis and the Government… compiled by Mike Hargis
Factory occupations spread like wildfire by John Kalwaic
Statement from workers occupying Kherson Machinery
Articles: Zombie Capitalism by Jon Bekken
French workers confront the economic crisis
SPECIAL SECTION: Darwinism at 150
Hierarchy, collectivity & nature by Graham Purchase
Mutual Aid: An introduction & evaluation by Iain McKay
Social Biology and solidarity. Review essay by Graham Purchase
Intelligent Design and the Attack on Materialism. Review by Jon Bekken
The God Delusion & anarchism. Review Essay by Iain McKay
ANARCHIST CLASSIC: The Malthusians By P. J. Proudhon
Reviews: The Roots of Anarcho-Syndicalism in Catalonia Review by Martin Comack
Magon and the Mexican Revolution Review by Mike Hargis
Bombers, Then and Now Review by Mike Long
Letter: Class Struggle Anarchist Conference

ASR 53 (Winter 2010)
Editorial: The Zombie Stomp
Wobbles: Mountains into moonscapes, Socialism gains popularity, Testing kindergarteners, Arbitration…
International Notes: Outlawing the Free Workers Union of Germany, Chinese construction workers occupy Israeli crane, Scottish Wobs block bins, Polish syndicalists campaign for free public transport, Criminal complaint against IWW organizer, Argentine metro workers strike, Repression hits Serbian syndicalists, French CNT-PTT (Post) regains union rights
100 years of anarcho-syndicalism in Spain
Swedish syndicalists adopt new statement of principles
Ssangyong Motors strike in South Korea ends in defeat and repression, by Loren Goldner
Venezuela’s first “socialist” maquila, by Rafael Uzcátegui
Articles: The economic crisis in Spain, by E. Alabort, L. Buendía, G. Fuster, M. Obispo and Ll. Rodríguez, Institute for Economic Sciences and Self-Management, Barcelona
The economics of anarchy, by Iain McKay
Reforming health care, by Jon Bekken
The European Union under U.S. sovereignty, by Jean-Claude Paye
Reviews: : Revolutionary Syndicalism: A history & examination, Review essay by Graham Purchase
The IWW in Philadelphia, Review by Joe Golowka
Libertarian education, Review essay by Mike Long
Obituaries: Toivo Halonen and Abel Paz

ASR 54 (Summer 2010)
Editorial: Time to Take Responsibility
Wobbles: Murder in West Virginia, Union Scabbing, Cooperation is Contagious, Workers Won’t Serve SEIU Pie Cards…
International Notes: Pissed-off workers attack Greek labor fakir, French workers threaten to blow up factory over pay dispute, Wildcat strikes, Repression in Serbia and Venezuela… compiled by Mike Hargis
In Defense of Collective Ownership by Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici, Italy
Athens: Emancipatory Gymnasium by Tierra y Libertad
Articles: The Economics of Freedom, by Jon Bekken
Capitalists, Global Warming, & the Climate Justice Movement by James Herod
Green Flame: Kropotkin & the Birth of Ecology, by Graham Purchase
The Myth of Venezuelan ‘Eco-Socialism’ by Maria Pilar Garcia Guadilla
Reviews: Health Under Capitalism, Review by Nick Matthews
A History of the International Workers’ Association, Review by Jared Davidson
A “History” of “Anarchism,” Review by Jon Bekken
Post-Anarchism & Other Blind Spots, Review essay by Graham Purchase

ASR 55 (Winter 2011)

Editorial: Cutting Out the Middle Man
Wobbles: Mad Bombers, The Richer the Boss, the Meaner he is…
International Notes: Precarious work & coops, Cuban anarchists meet, Repression in Iceland, FAU Berlin wins, Portuguese General Strike, French pension battle… compiled by Mike Hargis
Obituary: Ken Coates by Nick Mathews
Self-Management in Argentina Continues Strong
Articles: The Crisis of the Euro by Jean-Claud Paye
The Rise & Fall of the IWW As Viewed Through Membership Figures by Eric Chester
Democracy & Accountability in the Syndicalist Movement by Jon Bekken
Special Section on Workers’ Culture
The Spanish Civil War, Cartooning & the Cultural Imagination by Kristin Williams
Songs of Labor & Rebellion by Charlie King
The Internationale: Labor’s Libertarian Anthem by Iain McKay
Solidarity Forever: A Wobbly Labor Anthem by Jon Bekken
The Rabble Have Run Amok! by Steve Kellerman
Reviews: Creative Rabble Rousing Review by Len Wallace
Revolutionary Communities Review by Jon Bekken
The Coming Insurrection Review by Iain McKay
The Limits of Post-Anarchism Review by Graham Purchase
“I Am an Anarchist!”: 170 Years of Anarchism by Iain McKay

ASR 56 (Spring 2011)
Editorial: Are We Entitled?
Wobbles: The Terror of Unionization, Economic Booms, Prison Labor, Mutual Aid, Wretched Excess
International Notes: General Strike in Italy, Burmese Garment Workers, Temp Workers Solidarity, Polish Nurses Seize Parliament, Rebellion in Spain, Brazil
Building Workers Riot compiled by Mike Hargis
Articles: Cuba: A Socialist Look at the Reforms by Armando Chaguaceda & Ramón I. Centeno
COSATU’s Response to the Crisis: An Anarcho-Syndicalist Assessment by Lucien van der Walt
Class Struggle in Wisconsin by Mike Hargis
Education Workers Under Attack Across U.S.
Revolt in the Middle East
Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions by CGT (Spain) working group for international relations with North Africa
Mutual Aid Traditions in Egypt by Harold Barclay
Interview with Egyptian Anarchist
Tunisia’s UGTT: Caught between struggle and betrayal by Mouatamid, CGT Working Group
The Committees to Safeguard the Revolution
The Libyan People’s Committees should be the foundation of a new life Interview with Syrian anarchist Mazen Kamalmaz by José Antonio Gutiérrez
The Syrian revolution by Mazen Kamalmaz
Israel: Anarchists Against the Wall
Reviews: Contemporary Anarchist Anthropology: Rejecting Tribalism and Primitivism Review Essay by Graham Purchase
Syndicalism & radical unionism by Nick Matthews
The Socialist Alternative? by James Herod
Venezuela’s Phony Revolution by Mike Hargis
The Dispossessed Reconsidered by Jon Bekken
Two Classics by Proudhon: On Property and Economic Contradictions Reviews by Iain McKay
CNT & the Asturias Uprising by Iain McKay
Letter: 30 Years of Australian Syndicalism

ASR 57
Editorials: 2011: Year of Rebellion; You Might Say We’re Dreamers
Wobbles: Obama’s War on Immigrants, Fighting for Lower Wages, Wisconsin Workers Fight Back
Syndicalist News: Spanish General Strike, Strike at “Greek Steel,” Guatemala Unionists Murdered, Hyundai Strike, Argentine Syndicalists, IWW Janitors, Scab Train Blocked… Compiled by Mike Hargis
Solidarity with those in Cuba
Articles: We are the 99% by Jon Bekken
The Occupy Movement: Holding Space or Evicting Capitalism? by Chris Longenecker
Greece: Let’s go one step further by Dimitri – MACG
Occupy? Wall Street? by John Clark (from The Raging Pelican)
Situations, Occupations & Revolution: Steps to Fight the End of the World by Jeffrey Reinhardt
Humanitarian War: A contradiction in terms by Jean-Claude Paye & Tülay Umay
Anarchist Theory: Use it or Lose it by Iain McKay
The Earthworker Cooperative & the Green Syndicalist Future By Brendan Libertad
Reviews: Soccer: Opiate of the people? by Mike Long
The Politics of Food by Jon Bekken
Radical Economics & Labor by Iain McKay
Milstein’s Ethical Anarchism by Wayne Price
Property is Theft! by Mark R. Wolff
Joe Hill’s revolutionary legacy by Richard Myers
The Third Revolution? by Iain McKay
Biutiful: The Exploitation of Illegal Immigrant Labor Film Review by Jeff Stein
Yardbird Blues by Jon Bekken
Letters: Anarchist history, PareCon

ASR 58 (Summer 2012)
Editorial: Corporations Are Governments Too
Wobbles: Jailing Chomsky?, Employer Spy Booted from NLRB, Wisconsin Recall, Exploiting “Guest” Workers…
Syndicalist News: General Strikes in India, Portugal & Spain, RyanAir, May Day, Free Subway Rides, Quebec Student Strike, Asturian Miners, Greek Hospital Occupation… Compiled by Mike Hargis
Articles: The recent elections in Greece and the social movement by Dimitri
NATO Comes to Chicago by Mike Hargis
Pay Inequality: Where it comes from and what to do about it by Iain McKay
Capitalists were always criminals by James Herod
The economy works, just not for us by Jon Bekken
Britain: A cold economy encrusted by a half-baked ideology by Iain McKay
Anarchy: A Bibliography by James Herod
Reviews: Building Global Unionism by Jon Bekken
23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism by Iain McKay
A History of Capitalism by James Herod
Reforming the 1% by Jon Bekken
Anti-Capitalist Movements by Mark Mason
The Age of Empathy by Iain McKay
Reaching for Consensus by Jon Bekken
Bakunin’s Critique of Marxism by Iain McKay
Letters: Solidarity with Cuban workers

asr59ASR 59 (Winter 2013)
Editorial: The 2012 Presidential Elect-Chains
Obituaries: Vincent (Ted) Lee, Scott Rittenhouse
Wobbles: Disappearing Working Class, No Twinkies, Education “Reform,” IMF says “Oops,” Wellness…
Syndicalist News: Victory Against Workfare, Murdered by Capital, South African Wildcat, Expropriation, Low Wage Workers Organizing… Compiled by Mike Hargis
European strike against austerity
Egyptian Unrest, Alternative Unions in Italy, Wal-Mart Sweatshop Protests…  by John Kalwaic
Articles: Chicago Teachers Fight for Public Education by Mike Hargis
Right to Work Laws & the Future of the Labor Movement  by Alexis Buss
The Crisis of Capitalism  by Eric Chester
Direct Struggle Against Capital  by Iain McKay
The Use of the Strike   by Petr Kropotkin
Workers Organization   by Petr Kropotkin
Obama & Separation of Powers  by Jean-Claude Paye
Infrastructures of Resistance by Jeff Shantz
Reviews: Anarchist Seeds Beneath the Snow: Two Centuries of British Libertarianism  Review essay by Mike Long
A Comparative Perspective on Syndicalism at the Turn of the Century  Reviews by Martin Comack and Iain McKay
The revival of the Latin American Anarchist Press
Paths Toward Utopia  by Jon Bekken
Passion for Master  Film review by Jeff Stein
Chinese Anarchism Collection  by Jing Zhao
An Anarchist Encyclopedia by Jon Bekken
Letters: Global Union Solidarity

asr60 coverASR #60 (Summer 2013)
Editorial: A booming economy?
Obituaries: Audrey Goodfriend, Mott Green; Nunzio Pernicone by Robert Helms
Wobbles: Oiligarchs Fund “Stink Tanks,” Murderous Capital, Vanishing Labor Law, Chinese workers seize CEO
Syndicalist News: USI-AIT hospital workers strike, Employer opens fire on migrant workers, Workers’ Control in Greece, Garment workers strike after factory collapse, Wobbly News… Compiled by Mike Hargis
Interview with Egyptian anarchist by Mark Mason
Do Fast Food Strikes Signal U.S. Labor Revival? Seattle Teachers Refuse Standardized Tests by John Kalwaic
Articles: Seething anger, wildcat strikes, and growing struggles in South Africa’s mines by Shawn Hattingh
Thatcher: Putting the fun back into funeral by Iain McKay
Thatcher: Reagan with a brain by Mike Long
Proudhon on Race and the Civil War: Neither Washington nor Richmond by Iain McKay
Reviews: Lucy Parsons: American Anarchist Review essay by Iain McKay
Anarchism & Syndicalism in the Colonial World Review by Jon Bekken
Environmental Anti-Humanism Review by Graham Purchase
The IWW & the Spanish Revolution Review by Jon Bekken
Anarchist Science Fiction Review essay by Iain McKay
Letters: Consensus, Occupy Shareholders Meetings