ASR 62Anarcho-Syndicalist Review is an independent syndicalist magazine, published since May 1, 1986 (originally as Libertarian Labor Review). ASR is an independent forum for non-sectarian, critical, informed and constructive discussion of anarcho-syndicalist theory and practice. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by any organization.

Information on our current issue is available here. You can set up a subscription or order specific issues through our Subscription or Store tabs.

Our outlook is internationalist. We stand in solidarity with working people everywhere, and in particular with those who, rejecting both state capitalism and state socialism as proven threats to the health of people and planet alike, seek peace and justice for themselves and their fellow workers through international labor solidarity. This is our official website.

We can be reached at anarchosyndicalistreview [at] gmail.com, or PO Box 42531, Philadelphia PA 19101.

Site under (re)construction

Our original web site (syndicalist.org) has been hijacked by vulture capitalists, and our web hosting service’s hard drive was destroyed in a fire soon thereafter. The architecture of the site could not be restored from our back-up files and so we are in the process of rebuilding this site. This is an ongoing process complicated by the lack of adequate support for the CMS we were obliged to switch to. We are adding content week by week and are working on restoring full functionality (complicated by our inability to locate a  source of information about how to accomplish even the most basic of tasks in WordPress). If there are any readers who have an understanding of how WordPress works, or who can refer us to reliable resources on how to use it, we would very much appreciate this assistance. Our web host service “supports” only WordPress, but has been unable to render substantive assistance in rebuilding the site or figuring out how to restore basic functionality or features.

The Shopping Cart is now operational, allowing you to purchase the current issue or any back issue of ASR, along with a variety of books, pamphlets and buttons. However, it is necessary to make sure that you follow the steps all the way through to payment, or the transaction will not go through.

The ASR Archives tab lists complete tables of contents for our back issues, dating back to 1986. (Only a few of the articles we used to make available are presently loaded on the site; we only recently figured out a work-around to restore this functionality, and have not had time to reformat and reload most articles.) The “Browse Products” menu (under the shopping cart, on the right side of the screen) lists several books and other items available from us. (Please contact us if you have difficulty with this.) We continue to work on improving this functionality.