ASR 76 – 90

ASR 76 (Summer 2019)

3. Global May Day Call
4. Wobbles Economic Stagnation, Amazon’s Hell Holes
5. The Shrinking Middle Class by Raymond S. Solomon
6. International Labor News Mexican Wildcats, Iran Teachers, Namibian Miners, Yellow Vests, Women’s Day Strikes compiled by Michael Hargis
9. Anarcho-Syndicalism in Bangladesh by AKM Shihab
10. Articles: Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia: Anarchist Education & the Revolutionary General Strike by Michael Long
16. Work People’s College by Jon Bekken
18. Reflections on Yiddish Anarchist Movements by Raymond S. Solomon
21. Precursors of Syndicalism II: The “Chicago Idea”  by Iain McKay
23. The International by Albert Parsons, The Alarm,1885
24. The Poststructuralist “Discovery” of Power & the Human Subject  by Brian Morris
30. Anarchism’s Relevance to Black & Working Class Strategy: Dispelling Ten Myths by Lucien van der Walt
35. REVIEWS Lucy Parsons’ Revolutionary Life by Michael Hargis
36. Spain’s Defeat by Martin Comack
37. Mafia-States by Jeff Stein
38. Anarcho-Syndicalism and the IWW by Jon Bekken
39. Struggling Against Work & Capitalism by Iain McKay
40. Who Rules the World? by Tony Sheather
42. Yiddish Anarchism Conference Report
42. POEM At Strife by David Edelstadt
43. Letters Support the Rojava Revolution, Taft-Hartley

ASR 77 (Fall 2019)

3. WOBBLES: Anti-Labor Law, Climate Change & Shorter Hours, Deep Concessions for Carpenters
5. SYNDICALIST NEWS compiled by Michael Hargis
7. Wayfair Workers Protest Shipments to Detention Centers by Mark R. Wolff
9. ARTICLES: Trump: Just the Tip of the Iceberg by Wayne Price
12. Working Ourselves into Misery by Jon Bekken
14. Forgotten Victims? The Workers Killed by the RCMP During the Winnipeg General Strike by Jeff Shantz
15. Paul Goodman’s Anarchism: Its Contemporary Meaning by Wayne Price
18. The Symbols of Anarchy by Iain McKay
21. Precursors of Syndicalism III: Kropotkin’s Anarchist Communism by Iain McKay
24. Anarchists and Unions by Petr Kropotkin
26. Hal Draper on Proudhon: Anatomy of a Smear by Iain McKay
29. REVIEWS: Choke Points: Disrupting the Global Chain of Exploitation Review by Dana Williams
30. The Revolutionary Anarchist-Socialism of Errico Malatesta Review by Wayne Price
33. Anarchists on War and Peace Review by Iain McKay
36. Castro & the Cuban Revolution Review by Tony Sheather
38. Proletarian Days Review by Jon Bekken
39. Anarchists in Russia Review by Raymond S. Solomon
39. LETTERS: Iran, Trump, State Capitalist Repression

ASR 78 (Winter 2020)

We are all fast food workers now2. Editorial: Too Far to the Left? Hardly.
3. Wobbles: 32-hour week, Labor Repression Board
4. Obituary: Fred Majer  by Mike Hargis
5. International Labor News  compiled by Mike Hargis
6. A Class War Against State War  by IWW Istanbul
7. ARTICLES: Global Warming: Get Rid of Capitalism! by Bangladesh Anarcho Syndicalist Federation
8. Labor and the Climate Crisis  by Jon Bekken
10. We Are All Fast Food Workers Now  by Tony Sheather
17. Precursors of Syndicalism IV: The Anarchist-Communist Critique  by Iain McKay
21. The Amsterdam Congress: Anarchism and Syndicalism
24. Wigan: Orwell’s Prelude to Red Barcelona Review Essay by Raymond Solomon
27. The Kurdish Tragedy Review Essay by Jon Bekken
29. Reviews: Whither Anarchism? by Iain McKay
34. Venezuelan Anarchism  Review by Mike Hargis
35. Revolution in the Australian Cane Fields Review by Barbara Hart
36. How We Shall Bring About the Revolution  Review by Iain McKay
37. Writing for Revolution  Review by Jon Bekken
37. Carlo Tresca & the First Antifa  Review by Jeff Stein
39. Two Sides to Neoliberalism?  Film Review by Jeff Stein
online special: Private Government  Review by Ridhiman Balaji

ASR 79 (Spring 2020)

2. Wobbles: Parasitism, Anti-Labor Law, Electioneering
4. Obituary: Dick Reilly.
5. International Labor News compiled by Mike Hargis
7. Dock Workers Refuse to Load Supplies for Yemen War by John Kalwaic
7. Indian Workers Occupy Factory by John Kalwaic
10. Our Morals and Theirs Means and Ends in Anarchist, Liberal & Marxist Morals by Wayne Price
13. Coal Miners Win Unpaid Wages by John Kalwaic
14. Swedish Labor Law and the Future of Syndicalism by Frederick Batzler and Gabriel Kuhn
19. Reviews: The Trotskyist School of Falsification Review essay by Iain McKay
29. Writing for Freedom Review by Mike Long
31. Luigi Galleani & Organization Review by Jon Bekken
31. The Government of No OneReview by Iain McKay
34. The Geneva School Review essay by Ridhiman Balaji
39. Letters: Union Busting, Wigan Pier

ASR 80 (Summer 2020)

2 Announcement: The Sam & Esther Dolgoff Institute
3 Editorials Rebellion Sweeps U.S.
3 “Anti-Government Ideologues” & Coronavirus by Iain McKay
5 Wobbles Folly of Craft Unionism, Destroying Food…
7 Syndicalist News Defending the Elderly, Farmworkers…
8 Articles Indigenous Peoples, Workers & Environmentalists Attacked in Canada by John Kalwaic
9 An Election In Hell by Wayne Price
11 Understanding South Africa’s Incomplete Liberation: An Anarchist/Syndicalist Analysis by Lucien Van Der Walt
16 Mutual Aid & Solidarity Against the Covid-19 Crisis by Jeff Shantz
17 Anarchy And Covid-19 by Iain Mckay
22 In the Face of the Covid-19 Crisis: The International Confederation of Labor (Icl-Cit) Mobilizes
25 Anarchism, Marxism and the Lessons of the Paris Commune, Part I of III by Iain McKay
32 Reviews Chile’s Uncontrollables by Martin Comack
33 Spanish Anarchists in the United States by Jeff Stein
34 Capitalist Brutality by Ridhiman Balaji
35 The Press’ War On Workers by Jon Bekken
36 Sustainability or Greenwash? by Jeff Stein
37 Economic Planning as a Reconfiguration of Capitalism by Ridhiman Balaji
39 Letters

ASR 81 (Winter 2021)

Editorial: Death Squad America
Obituaries: Stuart Christie, David Graeber
Wobbles: Anti-Labor Law, Shorter Hours, Billionaires…
Syndicalist News: Black Lives Strike, Belarus, Columbia
Articles: International Actions Against Wage Theft
10 Hitler’s Election as Metaphor for the 2020 Election: A bad argument for supporting Democrats by Wayne Price
12 Italy After 1918 by Marie-Louise Berneri
17 Intersecting Crises: Intersecting Resistance by Jeff Shantz
19 Direct Action to Save the U.S. Post Office
20 Anarchism, Marxism and the Lessons of the Paris Commune, Part II of III by Iain McKay
27 Reviews: Piketty’s ‘Participatory Socialism’ by Wayne Price
29 Anarchist Economics by Ridhiman Balaji
34 The New Class War by Martin Comack
35 Can the Green New Deal Save Us? by Jon Bekken
36 Our Masters Are Helpless by Ridhiman Balaji
37 Anti-Communist Ideology and U.S. Imperialism by Ridhiman Balaji
39 Letters

ASR 82  (Spring 2021)

Wobbles: Voters Don’t Count, What Price a Worker’s Life?, Rich Getting Richer…
4 OSHA Ignores Covid-19 Deaths and Infections
5 Militant Worker Actions by John Kalwaic
Syndicalist News: General Strike in Myanmar, Indian Revolt, Amazon Day of Action… compiled by Mike Hargis
8 Lost Causes and Stolen Elections by Jeff Stein
Articles: Pipelines, Pandemics & Capital’s Death Cult: A Green Syndicalist View by Jeff Shantz
10 Green Syndicalism in the Arctic by Jeff Shantz
12 Big Strikes and the Sabotage of the Labor Movement by Marianne Garneau, Organizing Work
16 Kronstadt: The End of the Bolshevik Myth by Iain McKay
19 The Kronstadt Uprising and the fate of the Russian Revolution by Ante Ciliga
22 Anarchism, Marxism and the Lessons of the Paris Commune, Part III by Iain McKay
31 Reviews: Opposing Collaboration in Spain by Jeff Stein
34 Bookchin Revisited by Tony Sheather
39 Union by Law: Filipino Workers by Jon Bekken
39 Dialogues with David Graeber by Wayne Price
40 Kropotkin Conference Reflections by Jeff Stein
41 Letters: Capitalist Parties, Decline of the IWA…

ASR 83 (Summer 2021)

Obituaries: Arthur J. Miller & Mike Long
Wobbles: Fat Cats Get Fatter, Jobless, Wobblies in Space…
Syndicalist News: Coal Strike, CNT Fights Job Cuts, IWW Strikes, Colombia
Articles: Logistical Syndicalism: Dock Workers’ Strikes in Solidarity with Palestinian Struggle
Organizing Amazon in Bessemer
The Rank-and-file Organizing Committee
The Legacy of Peter Kropotkin (Centenary)
• Cooperation and socialism by Peter Kropotkin
• Economic Action or Parliamentary Politics by Peter Kropotkin
• How to Fight Against Degeneration by Peter Kropotkin
Reviews: A Zionism opposed to a Jewish state review by Ridhiman Balaji
The Struggle to Break Work review by Robert Ovetz
Free Speech and Dissent review by Jon Bekken
Universal Unionization review by Jon Bekken
Letters: Capitol Riot, Kronstadt Rebellion, Amazon

ASR 84 (Winter 2021/22)

2 Editorial: If Voting Changed Anything, It’d be Illegal
3 Climate Charades by Jon Bekken
4 Wobbles: Pensions attack workers, Union Scabbing…
6 International Shorts: Italy General Strike, Iranian Oil Workers Organize, Danish Nurses Wildcat, South Korea…
8 Articles: Undemocracy in the U.S. by Wayne Price
10 Migrant Workers Protest, Strike Amid Pandemic by John Kalwaic
13 Green Syndicalism and the Iron & Earth Report: Beyond Jobs Versus Environment by Jeff Shantz
15 Keeping Up With the Times: More on Syndicalist Strategy by Gabriel Kuhn
16 The Crisis Facing Swedish Syndicalism by Rasmus Hästbacka
19 Boston Labor Solidarity Committee by Steve Kellerman
20 The Union by Émile Pouget, translation by Iain McKay
27 Juanita Nelson: An Anarchist Life by Louis H. Battalen
29 Economic Disarmament by Juanita Morrow Nelson
31 Reviews: Caste in the USA review by Wayne Price
33 Resisting the Gig Economy review by Jon Bekken
33 Anarchy, Crime & Prisons review by Wayne Price
35 Globalization & Labor review essay by Ridhiman Balaji
39 Debate: Free Speech a Fundamental Right by Eric Chester
39 Correction: Sources on Kronstadt by Malcolm Archibald

ASR 85 (Spring 2022)

2 Editorial The War in Ukraine 
3 Wobbles Organizing Amazon, ‘Green Capitalism’… 
5 Syndicalist News Myanmar, Turkish Strike Wave… 
7 Articles Support the Trucker Convoys? by John Kalwaic 
8 South Asian Truckers Build Class Solidarity, ‘Freedom Convoy’ Builds Fascism by Jeff Shantz 
12 Mandates, Vaccines & Freedom by Wayne Price 
14 Capital-labor relations in France, healthcare and American television by René Berthier 
18 Responding to the Ukrainian War by Wayne Price 
21 Black Wobblies: Hubert Harrison & Ben Fletcher review essay by Jeff Stein 
24 Black Anarchism review by Jon Bekken 
25 The Timber Workers’ Strike of 1917 by Eric Chester 
26 Frank Little’s Last Speeches 
27 Reviews Class War in Spokane by Bill Barry 
29 Challenges for Anarchist Sapiens by Brian Martin 
30 Resisting Capital by Martin Comack 
31 Towards a Libertarian Socialism by Iain McKay 
34 New Model Organizing: Lessons for Organizing Adjunct Faculty by Robert Ovetz 
36 Remembering the 1960s review essay by Tony Sheather

ASR 86 (Spring 2023)

Wobbles: Falling Wages, Climate Catastrophe
Syndicalist News: FoodPanda, Alternative Unions, AIT Centenary compiled by Mike Hargis
Articles: Profits of Doom: Green Syndicalism and Tar Sands Worker Deaths by Jeff Shantz
Labor Resurgence in Maine by Lisa Feldman
Is the Labor Movement Blowing It? by Alexis Buss
(R)Evolution in the 21st Century: Reflections on Syndicalist Strategy by Rasmus Hästbacka
The General Strike: Past, Present & Future by Jon Bekken
Curious Saviors of the Spanish Revolution: Myths of the POUM by Jeff Stein
Reviews: Wild Socialism by Martin Comack
American Autocracy by Jeff Stein
A Passion For Work? by Jon Bekken
Redwashing Stalinism by Shelby Shapiro
Anarchist Women in Mexico by Jon Bekken
Letters: Ukraine, Rebellion in Iran

ASR 87 (Summer 2023)

asr 87 coverWOBBLES: Union Revival?, Robot Scabs, Amazon workers resist…
Anarcho-Syndicalism & Climate Change by CNT-F activist
SYNDICALIST NEWS: European Alternative Unions Meet, Spanish Syndicalist Unity, Ukrainian Workers, Wobbly Monument, French Pension Fight, Russian War Resisters… compiled by Mike Hargis
ARTICLES: Repression in Canada by Jeff Shantz
Supreme Court Attacks Right to Strike
The London Congress of 1881 by Iain McKay
That Creed Called Socialism with Chinese Characteristics by Marc Young
REVIEWS: Not So Bad Mexicans by Jeff Stein
Strategies for Building Workers’ Power by Jon Bekken
Fighting Fascist Spain by Martin Comack
A Life in Struggle (Octavio Alberola) by Jon Bekken
Praxis Lacking: On The Communist Manifesto by Iain McKay
A Mr. Block Compilation by Jon Bekken
The War on the Wobblies by Jon Bekken
Workers’ Inquiry & Class Struggle by Robert Ovetz
LETTERS: American Autocracy, Ukraine…

ASR 88 (Winter 2024)

EDITORIAL: For an Unconditional Ceasefire
WOBBLES: Organizing Tesla, Rejecting War, Strike Bans, Criminalizing Protest, Searching for Prosperity
SYNDICALIST NEWS: Solidarity with Myanmar Workers, Nepalese Teachers, IWW Organizing, Spanish Syndicalists Strike… compiled by Mike Hargis
ARTICLES: Heat Waves/Strike Waves by Jeff Shantz
Canadian Labor & Green Transition Bargaining: A Green Syndicalist View by Jeff Shantz
The Summer of Strikes
Can Anarchists Support the Ukrainian People Without Supporting the Ukrainian State? by Wayne Price
Rudolf Rocker at 150 by Jerome Warren
Anarchist Work in a Capitalist State by Rudolf Rocker
The Danger of Nationalism by Rudolf Rocker
Why Join a Minority Syndicalist Union? by Rasmus Hästbacka
REVIEWS: Bullshit Work by Chad Anderson
Sewn in Coal Country by Bill Barry
Italian Anarchists in America by Martin Comack
Socialism as Apple Pie film review by Jeff Stein
Left Americana by Iain McKay
Putting Work in its Place by Jon Bekken
LETTERS: War in Ukraine, American Autocracy