Anarcho-Syndicalist Review 25-40

#25, Summer 1999
Editorials: The Curse of Factionalism?, Welcome to ASR.
Wobbles: Fight for the 4 Hour Day, Outlawing Direct Action, Worried Bosses…
International Notes: IWA Plenary Report, Makhno Historical Revisionsm…
The Danish General Strike, by Eric Chester, with a comment by Jon Bekken
Defense of the Public Service or Defense of the State? from L’Affranchi
Reform And Revolution: Noam Chomsky on Anarcho-Syndicalism
Beyond Productivism: Syndicalism & Ecology, by Jeffrey Shantz with a comment by Jeff Stein
An Interview with Cuban Anarchist Frank Fernandez
Review Essay: Working on the Waterfront, Review by Jon Bekken
Reviewed Briefly: Sentenced to Death Under Franco, Self Education… Reviews by Graham Purchase, Mike Long, Jamie Hutchinson

#26, Fall 1999
Editorials: Peace If You Want It, The Right to Be Fired
Wobbles: Bosses Locked-In, Union Democracy, Fighting the World Trade Organization…
The Global Threat of the World Trade Organization, by Mark, We Dare Be Free
International Notes: Spanish Shipyard Workers, Italian Syndicalism…
The Anarchist Movement in Mexico, from CNT, translated by Michael J. Hargis
Union Struggles in the New Russia, by Vadim Damier, trans. by Michael Hargis
Recovering the Spanish Syndicalist Tradition, by Maria Rodriguez Gil
The CNT’s Fight Against Temp Agencies, interview with Paco Cabello, from Lotta di Classe
Reform And Revolution: Noam Chomsky on Anarcho-Syndicalism Part II, with commentaries by James Herod and Graham Purchase
International Solidarity Conference Falls Short, by Jon Bekken
German Syndicalism Takes Root, by Jon Bekken
Anarcho-Syndicalism in France, interview with Denis Coste & Floriane Capocci
Reviews: The Legacy of Ricardo Flores Magon, AFL’s New Direction, Remembering Spain… Reviews by Jeff Stein, Mike Long, Jon Bekken & Alexis Buss
Anarchist Press Review, by Michael J. Hargis

#27, Winter 1999
Editorials: Happy Days Are Here Again, John Sweeney – Corporate Lackey
Wobbles: Anarchist Candidates? Industrial Organizing Conference, The Burger International, False Promise, Let Them Eat Gold
Chomsky Symposium: Jeff Stein, Mike Long, and Jon Bekken on the ASR Chomsky Interview
Revolutionary Union News from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain,Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan, compiled by Michael J. Hargis
European Meeting of Alternative Unionism
The Workers Movement in Indonesia, from Direct Action
The Zapatistas and Direct Democracy, by Andrew Flood
Works Councils and Anarcho-Syndicalism, by the CNT-AIT, translated by Solidarity Federation
95 Years of Revolutionary Industrial Unionism: A Chronology, Part I – by Michael Hargis
A Note from Labor History: The IWW’s Emergency Program Split, by Jon Bekken
Annotated Bibliography of Books on the IWW, by Steve Kellerman
Review: Recent Books on the IWW (by Jon Bekken )
Reviews: Italian Anarchists Against Fascism, Meatpackers, Joseph Labadie Bio… by Jon Bekken, Jeff Stein and Graham Purchase

#28, Spring 2000
Editorial: The Battle of Seattle
Wobbles: Union Leaders on Rampage, Wildcatting for Safety, Looking for Prosperity …
International Labor News: Russian Workers Seize Work, French Unionists Face Kidnap Charges, Korean Workers Fight Capitalist Austerity, Scottish Workers Wildcat …
The Battle of Seattle: Globalized Capitalism and its Discontents from We Dare Be Free
Seattle: The First U.S. Riot Against ‘Globalization’? by Loren Goldner
What Next After Seattle? by Scott Lamson
Freedom and Industry: The Syndicalism of Christian Cornelissen, by Jeff Stein
Syndicalist Utopias, review essay by Jon Bekken
95 Years of Revolutionary Industrial Unionism: A Chronology Part II – compiled by Michael Hargis
How to Find Your Local Wobbly History, by Robert Helms
Reviews: Campaigning for a Living Wage, High-Performance Business Unions … by Jon Bekken

#29, Summer 2000
Editorial: Union Democracy
Wobbles: Anarchist Communist Federation, Prosperity, ‘Anarchist’ Politicians
Revolutionary Union News: CNT Fights Job Deaths, Taxi Strike, Minister Ousted, May Day
Building Another Future: Syndicalists Meet in Paris
IMF/World Bank Protests, by Michael Hargis
Direct Action: Towards an Understanding of a Concept, by Harald Beyer-Arnesen
Mondragon and Other Coops: For and Against, by Mike Long
Housing Collectives, by John Englart and Helen Lee
Lakeside Press, by Jerry Chernow
Jura Books, by Sid Parissi
Left Bank Books, by the Left Bank Books Collective
The Spanish Revolution, by Sam Dolgoff
Reviews: The Radical Alternative to Business As Usual, 8-Hour Day, Southern Labor, T-Bone Slim, Reviews by Eric Chester, Jon Bekken, and Jeffrey Schantz

#30, Winter 2000/2001
Editorials: After the Elections, The Folly of Nationalism
Obituary: Goliardo Fiaschi (1930 – 2000)
Wobbles: WTO ‘nightmare,’ Deck Stacked Against US Workers, Living Wage Win for Portland IWW…
Repression: 25 Years for Protesting?
International Labor News: Korean Workers Struggle, Czech Workers Face Ax, Landless seize offices in Brazil
Bolivia: A Social Avalanche! by Juventudes Libertarias
Direct Action Gets the Goods in Indonesia
General Strike in Serbia, by Ratibor T. Trivunac
The Rebirth of French Anarcho-Syndicalism? by Gary Zabel
Anarcho-syndicalism vs. Insurrectionism, by Seisdedos
35-hour-week: Lower incomes and more work, by Wildcat
Reviews: The Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War, by Jon Bekken
Reviews: Class War in Portugal, Human Nature & Anarchism, Russia in Crisis, Anarchy, Illustrated Economics. Reviews by Jon Bekken, Martin Comack, Mike Long, Graham Purchase & Jeff Stein

#31, Spring 2001cover31

Editorial: The New Capitalism
Wobbles: IWW strikes ACORN, Carpenters Leave AFL,
Bosses Worry About Negativity, Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists
Be Careful What You Ask For, by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
Syndicalist News: Anatomy of a Struggle, Construction Workers Demand Safer Work, IMF Actions in Prague… compiled by Mike Hargis
Anarchism in Slovakia
Syndicalism in Siberia, translated from Les Temps Maudit
153 French Workers Find a Way to Make Themselves Heard, translated by Loren Goldner
The Tragedy of Fosterism, Review essay by Jon Bekken
Boring From Within: The Debate. Excerpts from the 1911 IWW press
Reviews: One Market Under God, review by Jeff Stein
Kropotkin and the Rise of Revolutionary Anarchism, review essay by Graham Purchase
Capitalism and its Economics, review by Jon Bekken
Anarchist Press Review, by Mike Hargis

#32, Summer 2001cover32
Editorial: The crisis facing the labor reform movement
Wobbles: Disrupting Cyberspace, NAFTA gets corporate nod, International dockers strike, Anti-Labor Law, Cut-rate ‘justice’
International News: On the Line, Spanish syndicalists strike Minit Group… compiled by Mike Hargis
Workers evict Ontario finance minister, by Jeff Shantz
Hunt For Activists In Bolivia, translated by Ethan Mitchell
Birth of an international libertarian network: A Libertarian Manifesto for the 21st Century, by International Libertarian Solidarity
The communalist experience of the Municipal Base Federation of Spezzano Albanese (Italy), translated by Mike Hargis
Being revolutionary in non-revolutionary times. A conversation between Nicole The, Danielle Zabel and Gary Zabel
The Peanut Butter Principle or Why Don’t We Anarchists Stick Together? by Jeff Stein
Nationalism or Freedom? by Jon Bekken
Reviews: Cuban Anarchism, by Michael J. Hargis
We, the Anarchists: A Study of the FAI, review by Jeff Stein
U.S. Imperialism in the Dominican Republic, review by Jon Bekken
Reviews of Anarchist Periodicals

#33, Winter 2001/2002cover33
Editorial: Terrorism is the Health of the State
Wobbles: Soup Kitchens, Raiding Pensions, Capitalism Day, Jailed for Striking, Repression…
Italian Workers Say “No War”
September 11th and NATO’S new strategic concept
International Notes: Cobas Unite, Korean unionist jailed, Sweden, Spain, Russia… compiled by Mike Hargis
No Human Being is Illegal: IWA Meets on Immigration
Anarcho-Syndicalist Answer to Corporate Globalization, by Brian Oliver Sheppard
The Enslaved Society, by Eoghan Stafford
A tale of two strikes: Education workers in Hawai’i, by Mike Long
Capitalist Terror and Madness: George bin Laden & Osama son of Bush incorporated, by Harald Beyer-Arnesen
Reviewed Briefly: Summerhill, Hubert Harrison, Anarchist Periodicals
Workers in Control or Workers Under Control? by Brian Oliver Sheppard

#34, Spring 2002cover34
Editorial: Enron: Corruption As Usual
Obituary: Martin Glaberman
Wobbles: Football and Global Finance, Heroic Gardeners and Police Dolls…
Syndicalist News: Repression at Mail Center, Garbage Collectors’ Victory, Australian Transit Workers, Police Terror in Sweden… compiled by Mike Hargis
Pierre Bourdieu on Radio Libertaire: A Cardinal Visits the Anarchists, interview by Archibald Zurvan
An Anarcho-Syndicalist Response to Anarcho-Primitivism, by Brian Oliver Sheppard
What’s Left of the Left? by Louis Prisco
The Autonomous Industrial Colony “Kuzbass,” by Anatoly Shtyrbul
Anarchist Convergence in Porto Alegre, Brazil, by Jason Adams
Argentina: Between Poverty & Protest, by Federacion Libertaria Argentina
Bolivia On The Brink, by Juventud Libertaria
Review: Three Strikes (Remembering Labor’s War Zone), review by Jon Bekken
Review: Harvest Wobblies, by Jon Bekken
A Stake, Not a Mistake: On Not Seeing the Enemy, by Jared James

#35/36, Fall 2002cover35
Editorial: The National Security State
Obituary: Wilstar Choongo
Wobbles: 35 Years to First Contract, Your Right to Anarchy, Slavery in Florida, Worried Bosses…
International Notes: General Strike Shakes Spain, Polish Anarchists, Against the Capitalist New War Order, compiled by Mike Hargis
Brazil’s Red Star Goes Dim: “Workers’ Party” for Sale, by James Wilson
Argentina: Lessons for Anarchism, by Yvon, CNT-AIT
The Anarchist Movement in Turkey, by Tierra y Libertad
Special Section – Sam Dolgoff: A Centenary
Sam Dolgoff: A Retrospective, by Jeff Stein
Reflections on Sam Dolgoff’s Notes for a Discussion on the Regeneration of the American Labor Movement, by Mike Hargis
The Sam Dolgoff Papers. Dolgoff Bibliography
Sam Dolgoff, by Paul Berman
Memories of Sam Dolgoff. by Dorothy Gallagher, Robert S. Calese, Richard Ellington, and Sidney Solomon
Is Anarchism Right for Complex Societies? by Brian Oliver Sheppard
“Bourgeois Neo-Anarchism,” Dolgoff and the Contemporary Anarchist Movement, by Brian Oliver Sheppard
Sam Dolgoff and Constructive Anarchism, by Jeff Schantz
Kropotkin’s Revolutionary Philosophy, by Sam Dolgoff
Grooming the Crown Princes, by Sam Dolgoff
A Life in the Revolution, Review essay by Graham Purchase
Ghetto-statism, or confederal, social emancipation? by Harald Beyer-Arnesen
G8: Some Contributions to a Critique of the Anti-Globalization Movement, by Tom Keefer
G8: A Syndicalist Counterpoint, by John Hollingsworth
G8: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back? by Jeff Schantz
Reviews: Fighting for Education, by Mike Long
Arms for Spain, Green Bans Red Union, Kropotkin in Our Time, Reviews by Jeff Stein, Jon Bekken and Alison Lewis

#37, Spring 2003cover37
Editorial: No War Between Nations, No Peace Between Classes!
Obituary: Britta Grondahl
Wobbles: ‘Yes Men Spoof WTO, Socially Responsible Capitalism, Emma Goldman Wins Free Speech Fight…
Libertarians Against All Wars
International Syndicalist News: Direct Action Confronts War Machine, Serbian Syndicalists Face Repression, Italian General Strike… compiled by Mike Hargis
Argentina: Crisis and Rebellion, by Eric Chester
The Crisis in the American Labor Movement. by Jon Bekken
The ACTU’s Organizing Model: Opportunities for Workers’ Control? by Peter Siegl
Impressions from i2002: The International Solidarity Conference in Essen, Germany, by Harald Beyer-Arnesen
Direct Action as “Propaganda by the Deed,” the Making of a “moral Economy,” and the Need for an Institutionalized Playfield, Too, by Harald Beyer-Arnesen
A Tough Period for Sweden’s SAC, by Rasmus Fleischer
Rebuilding the Danish Anarchist Movement, by Jonas Bals
Sam Dolgoff Centennary: Two Poems and A Reminiscence, by Judith Molina and V.T. Lee
Review: After Capitalism, by Jeff Stein
Debates: Between Organization and Isolation. views by Graham Purchase and Georgios Alexandrou
Primitism & Reformism, by Louis Prisco
A Syndicalist Ecology, by Graham Purchase

#38, Winter 2003/2004cover38
Editorial: The Stupid Economy
Wobbles: Fareless Strike, Scissorbill’s holiday, Taxing the Wage Slaves, The instinct for justice is inborn …
International Notes: General Strikes against War, CNT Wins 138-day strike in Sevilla, Greek anarchists protest refugee camps… compiled by Mike Hargis
NEPAD: New Partnership for Africa’s Exploitation, by Lucien van der Walt
Downfall of the sleepers, by CNT-AIT of France
East European Anarchists meet to build stronger movement, by Antti Rautiainen
Pensions, War and Rights: Time for a general strike, by Careri Gianfranco
Worker’s Control Conference, by Sid Parissi
The Crisis in the American Labor Movement II, by Jon Bekken
Venezuelan anarchists confront Chavism, by Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas of Venezuela
80 years ago: IWA’s founding congress, by John Andersson
Work without end, or time to live? Fighting over time. Review essay by Jon Bekken
The Myth of “Public” Broadcasting, Review essay by Mike Long
Reviews: Tarzan the Anarchist, From Nazi to Anarchist, The Uselessness of Heroes, Films About Labor. Reviews by Jeff Stein, Peter McGregor, Charles Reeve & Jon Bekken

#39, Summer 2004cover39
Editorial: Anarchists for Kerry? by Mike Long
Wobbles: Land of Prisons, Hoteliers for shorter hours, Socialists for war, 38¢ on the dollar, Boom goes the bust
International News Argentina’s Piqueteros fight on By Martin Obregon and Joan Mena Estrada
New violence in Kosovo by Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative
Venezuela: The logic of our times
Zapatista murdered, Iraqi regime picks “official” union
The Kept Press’ War on Workers: Labor & the News Media by Jon Bekken
Business Unionism by any other name: The limits of Social Unionism in Canada by Jeff Shantz
Engineering and Anarchism by Jeff Stein
Another Defeat for U.S. Workers: The Los Angeles Supermarket Strike of 2003-2004 by Loren Goldner
Reviews: America’s Borgia Family by Jeff Stein; Fighting for union democracy by Jon Bekken; George Woodcock’s “anarchism” by Jon Bekken
Letters: Public broadcasting, Organize the public sector

#40, Winter 2004/2005cover40
Editorials: As We Go Marching
The Real Tsunami Tragedy by Mike Long
WOBBLES: Pension Scams, Iraq, No Sweat Union Busting
Syndicalist News: AIT Congress, IWW Organizing, CGT Now Spain’s Third Largest Union
The Anarchist Struggle in Cuba: An Interview with Octavio Alberola from El Libertario, Venezuela.
On the Situation in Cuba Today from Cuba Libertaria #3
International: The “Bolivarian Revolution” by Rafael Uzcátegui, translation by Mike Hargis.
The Social Compact: Obsolete Unions 2005, by Louis Prisco
Not Quite A Million, by Mike Hargis
“There Is No Alternative” (or is there?), by Eric Chester
AFL piecards looking for a future, by Jon Bekken
Fight or Walk: Chicago Transit Fare Strike. by Midwest Unrest
Syndicalist organizing in Poland. Interview with a Polish Federacja Anarchistyczna activist, by Pete Stidman
The Anarchists Who Liberated Paris, and Why They Did It by, Robert P. Helms
Work Councils: Between Reform and Revolution, by H. (FAU-Bremen), translation by Harald Beyer-Arnesen
Works Councils: A Case Study by CNT-AIT France
Six days that shook General Motors, by Hans-Gerdøefinger
Reviews: Modern Times Are Here Again, by Anis Shivani; American Secularism, by Jeff Stein; The Labor Party delusion, by Jon Bekken; Periodical Reviews, by Mike Hargis