Help us distribute ASR.

ASR is available to bookstores and distributors, or to individuals and groups for tabling.
Bookstores can obtain ASR through our distributors (AK Press and Small Changes), or we will furnish copies directly on a returnable basis (minimum order 3 copies). If they prefer to work with a distributor that does not currently carry ASR, we would be glad to work with you to persuade them to add ASR to their list.

We encourage readers to approach their favorite local bookstore or newsstand and ask them to carry ASR.

Bundles of ASR are available to individuals and groups in the United States at the following rates:

    • $16 US for a bundle of 5 copies of the current issue
    • $30.00 US for a bundle of 10 copies of the current issue
    • $30 for a US subscription for 3 copies of each issue for a year (3 issues)

We ask that payment accompany initial order, we will bill on subsequent issues as they are mailed. (Please enquire for international bundle orders, as these incur additional postal costs. Those postal costs are significantly higher for one-time orders than for standing orders, which we can mail through a consolidator.)