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  1. Hi, I have two questions:

    1. The latest issue of The New York Review of Books has an article on Enric Marco, who was the secretary-general of the CNT. Are there any back issues of ASR that cover his life?

    2. Is there a review in ASR of Paul Thomas’ “Karl Marx and the Anarchists?”

    best wishes,
    Larry Budner

    • We have not published anything on Enric Marco (nor can I find the article mentioned from NYRB – but there was an article in the London Review of Books and it should be noted that while he served briefly as CNT secretary he was expelled in 1980). We have discussed Paul Thomas’ book in a number of articles including #13 (Jon Bekken, Bakunin and the Historians), #61 (Jon Bekken, Bakunin and the First International). There is more that is not popping just now, and we’ll try to update this note.

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