ASR 77 (Fall 2019)

3 WOBBLES: Anti-Labor Law, Climate Change & Shorter Hours, Deep Concessions for Carpenters

5 SYNDICALIST NEWS compiled by Michael Hargis

7 Wayfair Workers Protest Shipments to Detention Centers by Mark R. Wolff

9 ARTICLES: Trump: Just the Tip of the Iceberg by Wayne Price

12 Working Ourselves into Misery by Jon Bekken

14 Forgotten Victims? The Workers Killed by the RCMP During the Winnipeg General Strike by Jeff Shantz

15 Paul Goodman’s Anarchism: Its Contemporary Meaning by Wayne Price

18 The Symbols of Anarchy by Iain McKay

21 Precursors of Syndicalism III: Kropotkin’s Anarchist Communism by Iain McKay

24 Anarchists and Unions by Petr Kropotkin

26 Hal Draper on Proudhon: Anatomy of a Smear by Iain McKay

29 REVIEWS: Choke Points: Disrupting the Global Chain of Exploitation Review by Dana Williams

30 The Revolutionary Anarchist-Socialism of Errico Malatesta Review by Wayne Price

33 Anarchists on War and Peace Review by Iain McKay

36 Castro & the Cuban Revolution Review by Tony Sheather

38 Proletarian Days Review by Jon Bekken

39 Anarchists in Russia Review by Raymond S. Solomon

39 LETTERS: Iran, Trump, State Capitalist Repression

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