ASR 76 (Summer 2019)

3.Global May Day Call

4.Wobbles Economic Stagnation, Amazon’s Hell Holes

5.The Shrinking Middle Class by Raymond S. Solomon

6. International Labor News Mexican Wildcats, Iran Teachers, Namibian Miners, Yellow Vests, Women’s Day Strikes compiled by Michael Hargis

9. Anarcho-Syndicalism in Bangladesh by AKM Shihab

10.Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia: Anarchist Education & the Revolutionary General Strike by Michael Long

16.Work People’s College by Jon Bekken

18.Reflections on Yiddish Anarchist Movements by Raymond S. Solomon

21. Precursors of Syndicalism II: The “Chicago Idea”  by Iain McKay

23. The International by Albert Parsons, The Alarm,1885

24. The Poststructuralist “Discovery” of Power & the Human Subject  by Brian Morris

30.Anarchism’s Relevance to Black & Working Class Strategy: Dispelling Ten Myths by Lucien van der Walt

35.REVIEWS Lucy Parsons’ Revolutionary Life by Michael Hargis

36. Spain’s Defeat by Martin Comack

37.Mafia-States by Jeff Stein

38. Anarcho-Syndicalism and the IWW by Jon Bekken

39.Struggling Against Work & Capitalism by Iain McKay

40. Who Rules the World? by Tony Sheather

42.Yiddish Anarchism Conference Report

42.POEM At Strife by David Edelstadt

43. Letters Support the Rojava Revolution, Taft-Hartley

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