ASR 62 (Summer 2014)

ASR 62Editorial: The Capitalist Seige Mentality

Obituary: Penny Pixler

WOBBLES: Bosses want cheap workers, Union Scabbery, Amazon rips off workers, Educators under attack…

Syndicalist News: CNT gains ground, Workers occupy factory in Istanbul, Solidarity Federation wins unpaid wages, IWW picket attacked, Turkey: “It’s not an accident, it’s murder” …  Compiled by Mike Hargis

Fast Food Walkouts: New Experimental Solidarity or Astroturf Smoke and Mirrors? by John Kalwaic

ARTICLES: Ukraine, Odessa, Anarchism in the context of civil war  by Antti Rautiainen

Venezuela: Autonomy, self-management, direct action & solidarity  by El Libertario

The making of an anarchist bookfair by Jay Kerr & Sid Parissi

Bakunin Bicentennary: An injury to one is an injury to all: Mikhail Bakunin’s social conception of freedom  by Harald Beyer-Arnesen

Bakunin: Count on No One But Yourselves!

Bakunin & the First International by Jon Bekken

Politics at a distance from the State: Speech to South African Movements   by Lucien van der Walt

Radical Happiness  by Brian Martin

Work & Freedom  by Jon Bekken

REVIEWS: Libertarian Socialism: Beyond Anarchism and Marxism?  Review essay by Iain McKay

What really was the “Real Socialism” of the Soviet Union? Review by Wayne Price

Marxist economics for anarchists  Review by J.N. McFadden

Green Syndicalism  Review by Jon Bekken

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