ASR 64/65 Summer 2015

asr64 coverASR 64/5 Contents:

3. Editorial: Trans-Pacific Partnership

4. Wobbles: Outbreak of Bi-Partisanship, Profiteering off Health Care “Reform,” Announcements

5. International News: Bulgarian Syndicalists, Solidarity with Amazon Temps; Green/Rail Alliance, Fighting Wage Theft… compiled by Michael Hargis

9. Polish hospital workers win… by John Kalwaic

10. Articles: Anarchy in Athens by Nicholas Apoifis

13. (barely) Staying Alive: The US Economy Since the ’70s (50 Years of Economic Crisis) by Jon Bekken

17. From Capitalism To Commons by Brian Martin

21. Symposium: The U.S. Government’s War Against the IWW Review and commentary by Staughton Lynd (21), Peter Cole (23), Gerald Ronning (25) and Steve Kellerman (27). Response by Eric Chester (29).

33. Kropotkin: Class Warrior by Iain McKay

36. The Action of the Masses & the Individual P. Kropotin

38. Climate Change: “Only Mass Social Movements Can Save Us Now” Review essay by Wayne Price

40. Canada’s New Anti-Terrorism Act and the “Green Syndicalist Menace” by Jeff Shantz

42. Democracy At Work Review essay by Iain McKay

50. Reviews: Lessons of the Spanish Civil War Jeff Stein

52. The Great Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912review by Steve Kellerman

53. Syndicalism in a Neo-Liberal Climate by Mark McGuire

55. Two Cheers For Anarchism review by Iain McKay

58. Celebrating a Frame-Up review by Robert Helms

58. The Legacy of Chinese Anarchism review by Jing Zhao

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