Post-Anarchism: A Reader


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edited by Duane Rousselle & Sureyyya Evren.

16 chapters explore post-anarchism – a post-structuralist approach completely divorced from actual organization and struggle which jettisons many of the insights anarchists have developed over 150 years of struggle in favor of a simple-minded focus on power and a fervent embrace of ideas Bakunin flirted with when he was becoming an anarchist, but grew out of. This book, in all fairness, has nothing to add to our understanding of anarchism or of modern society or of strategies for building a free society. But many who work in or around the academy may need to be familiar with this school of thought in order to engage with naive students and careless thinkers who have become entangled in it. 288 pages, paperback. Published at $35, available from ASR for $12