Pirate Enlightenment, Or the Real Libertalia

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“As in his recent blockbuster, The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity, co-authored with David Wengrow – which sets out related arguments on a much larger scale – the chief pleasure of Graeber’s writing is not that one always agrees with his arguments about the past. It is rather that, through a series of provocative thought experiments, he repeatedly forces us to reconsider our own ways of living in the present. Whatever happened in 18th-century Madagascar, Pirate Enlightenment implies, we could surely all do with a bit more free-thinking and egalitarianism in our own social, sexual and political arrangements.” — The Guardian

“Radical, magical, and enchanting: a true history of a people’s Enlightenment, led by Malagay women and egalitarian pirates at a crossroads of the world…” — Cory Doctorow

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by David Graeber.

Finished a few years before the anarchist anthropologist’s untimely death, this book was published only in January 2023, at $27. 205 pp, hardcover.

Very illuminating… Pirate Enlightenment undercuts a lot of conventional thinking… A tremendous contribution.

— Noam Chomsky

Pirates captured the imagination of writers and readers centuries ago, and David Graeber reveals why. He has produced one of the most fascinating, original, and altogether brilliant books ever written about these unruly outlaws.   — Marcus Rediker, author of Villains of All Nations: Atlantic Pirates in the Golden Age


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