ASR 89, Summer 2024

EDITORIAL: Are you serious, Mr. Fain? 

WOBBLES: Resurgent Labor?, Flirting With Trump, Workers’ Control & Safety, Expensive Rich Folk… 

SYNDICALIST NEWS: Argentine Workers Resist, Bangladeshi Unions, Spain… compiled by Mike Hargis 

ARTICLES: North Korean, Myanmar, Indian, Turkish Migrant Workers’ Resistance by John Kalwaic 

Labor Resistance to the War in Gaza by John Kalwaic 

The Vicious Cycle of Bourgeois Politics by Wayne Price

“Let them call me an anarchist!” M.P.T. Acharya and the Indian struggle for freedom by Ole Birk Laursen 

National Security: Bruised and Battered in the PRC by Marc B. Young 

A Forgotten Wobbly: José Ángel Hernández Across Two Nations by Steve Rossignol 

REVIEWS: Film and the Anarchist Imagination by Larry Budner 

Jewish Anarchism by Jon Bekken 

LETTERS: American Autocracy 


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