ASR 87 (Summer 2023)

asr 87 coverWOBBLES: Union Revival?, Robot Scabs, Amazon workers resist…
Anarcho-Syndicalism & Climate Change by CNT-F activist
SYNDICALIST NEWS: European Alternative Unions Meet, Spanish Syndicalist Unity, Ukrainian Workers, Wobbly Monument, French Pension Fight, Russian War Resisters… compiled by Mike Hargis
ARTICLES: Repression in Canada by Jeff Shantz
Supreme Court Attacks Right to Strike
The London Congress of 1881 by Iain McKay
That Creed Called Socialism with Chinese Characteristics by Marc Young
REVIEWS: Not So Bad Mexicans by Jeff Stein
Strategies for Building Workers’ Power by Jon Bekken
Fighting Fascist Spain by Martin Comack
A Life in Struggle (Octavio Alberola) by Jon Bekken
Praxis Lacking: On The Communist Manifesto by Iain McKay
A Mr. Block Compilation by Jon Bekken
The War on the Wobblies by Jon Bekken
Workers’ Inquiry & Class Struggle by Robert Ovetz
LETTERS: American Autocracy, Ukraine…

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