ASR 85 (Spring 2022)

Editorial The War in Ukraine 
Wobbles Organizing Amazon, ‘Green Capitalism’… 
Syndicalist News Myanmar, Turkish Strike Wave… 
Articles Support the Trucker Convoys? by John Kalwaic 
South Asian Truckers Build Class Solidarity, ‘Freedom Convoy’ Builds Fascism by Jeff Shantz 
Mandates, Vaccines & Freedom by Wayne Price 
Capital-labor relations in France, healthcare and American television by René Berthier 
Responding to the Ukrainian War by Wayne Price 
Black Wobblies: Hubert Harrison & Ben Fletcher review essay by Jeff Stein 

Black Anarchism review by Jon Bekken 
The Timber Workers’ Strike of 1917 by Eric Chester 
Frank Little’s Last Speeches 
Reviews Class War in Spokane by Bill Barry 
Challenges for Anarchist Sapiens by Brian Martin 
Resisting Capital by Martin Comack 
Towards a Libertarian Socialism by Iain McKay 
New Model Organizing: Lessons for Organizing Adjunct Faculty by Robert Ovetz 
Remembering the 1960s review essay by Tony Sheather

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