Conferences commemorate the centenary of Kropotkin’s death

An international conference will be held Feb. 5 – 7, 2021, to commemorate the anarchist thinker and geographer Peter Kropotkin, a century since his death.

While some events will have limited local audiences, the conference is being held online. To register for a free or by donation ticket to the event please visit: You must register to receive the conference links.

“The main problem of modern realistic ethics is … to determine, first of all, the moral end in view. But this end or ends, however ideal they may be, and however remote their full realization, must belong to the world of realities.  The end of morals cannot be “transcendental,” as the idealists desire it to be: it must be real.”

—Kropotkin, from Ethics: Origin and Development

Black Rose Books, in global collaboration with other organisations, scholars, activists and university departments, is organizing this conference to celebrate Peter Kropotkin’s life and work. This conference would commemorate 100 years since his death on February 8th, 1921. Kropotkin is undoubtedly one of the most important anarchist thinkers to understand the vision, and action, needed for positive transformative change. His legacy is critically important and needs to be shared so that others can know about his values and what he dedicated his life to.

As a multi-disciplinary scholar, he argued that the centralized bureaucratic state and capitalism are antithetical to a sustainable and just society.

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Conference Programme:

An International ColloquiumPëtr Kropotkin – Activism and Scholarship”, is being organized by the Geography Department of the University of São Paulo, Brazil, July 19 to 23, 2021.

2021, Asturias recovers Kropotkin, a series of events through September.…/2021-asturias…/

Museum of P. A. Kropotkin – We are proud to be working with the Virtual Museum of P.A. Kropotkin. To virtually explore Kropotkin’s life as well as his scientific and revolutionary activities, visit their website (available in multiple languages):

Also of interest is – a website about the scientific and ideological heritage of P.A. Kropotkin. The site presents a bibliography and many of the works of the Russian scientist and revolutionary Pyotr Alekseevich Kropotkin as well as literature about him and his legacy.

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