ASR 80, Summer 2020

2 Announcement: The Sam Dolgoff Institute
3 Editorials Rebellion Sweeps U.S.
3 “Anti-Government Ideologues” & Coronavirus by Iain McKay
5 Wobbles Folly of Craft Unionism, Destroying Food…
7 Syndicalist News Defending the Elderly, Farmworkers…
8 Articles Indigenous Peoples, Workers & Environmentalists Attacked in Canada by John Kalwaic
9 An Election In Hell by Wayne Price
11 Understanding South Africa’s Incomplete Liberation: An Anarchist/Syndicalist Analysis by Lucien Van Der Walt
16 Mutual Aid & Solidarity Against the Covid-19 Crisis by Jeff Shantz
17 Anarchy And Covid-19 by Iain Mckay
22 In the Face of the Covid-19 Crisis: The International Confederation of Labor (Icl-Cit) Mobilizes
25 Anarchism, Marxism and the Lessons of the Paris Commune, Part I of III by Iain McKay
32 Reviews Chile’s Uncontrollables by Martin Comack
33 Spanish Anarchists in the United States by Jeff Stein
34 Capitalist Brutality by Ridhiman Balaji
35 The Press’ War On Workers by Jon Bekken
36 Sustainability or Greenwash? by Jeff Stein
37 Economic Planning as a Reconfiguration of Capitalism by Ridhiman Balaji
39 Letters


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