ASR 75 (winter 2019)

3. EDITORIAL: Capitalism & the Destruction of the Planet

4. Wobbles: Bust Goes the Boom, Unions After Janus …

6. International Labor News Compiled by Mike Hargis

9. ARTICLES: White House Economists Warn of Danger from “Socialists” by Wayne Price

11. Renewing and Reforming Labor: The Case for Anarcho-Syndicalism  by Lucien van der Walt

16. The “Green New Deal”: Indigenous, Labor, Environmental Alliances in Washington State by Jeff Shantz

17. What is the Political ‘Lesser Evil’? by Wayne Price

19. Fair Go or Futility?  by Tony Sheather

22. Precursors of Syndicalism introduction by Iain McKay

22. Workers Societies by Eugène Varlin (Iain McKay, trans.)

23. Personal Stories, Familiar Tales by Tony Sheather

25. Propertarianism & Fascism by Iain McKay

30. The Roots of Privatization by Iain McKay

31. REVIEWS: The Egyptian Spring review by Jeff Stein

33. Real Politics Declassified review essay by Raymond Solomon

34. Red Ireland review by Martin Comack

35. The Anarchist Lives of Helene Minkin & Johann Most review by Thomas Klikauer

36. Worker Resistance & Media review by Jon Bekken

38. LETTERS: Documenting Wobbly History, Labor Rights Under Attack in Sweden

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