ASR 69, Winter 2017

2. Collective Editorial: Trumpocolypse

3. A New Wave Of Radicalism? By Martin Comack

3. The Tragedy Of Trump By Jeff Stein

4. Wobbles: A Workers’ Climate Plan, Economic Inequality, Dangerous Unions?, Precarious Futures…

6. International Labor News  Compiled by Mike Hargis

8. A New Vision or a New Reformism?  By Wayne Price

10. Trumpocolypse: After the Election  By Wayne Price

11. Here We Go Again  By Samantha Berangi

12. Tendencies of Trumpocalypse  By Jeff Shantz

13. Mother/Caregiver by Elena Hontangas

15. Defeating Capital to Save the Planet  By James Herod

18. Feature: The Fall of the First International

18. Anarchy and Democracy  By Robert Graham

21. Workers Unite! The International 150 Years Later Review Essay by Iain McKay

33. Marx’s War on the International Labor Movement Review by Jon Bekken

34. Marxism & Anarchism in the First International Review by Iain McKay

36. Reviews: Revolution and Dictatorship by Luigi Fabbri; Translated by Paul Sharkey

38. From Russia with Critique  Review by Iain McKay

40. Nakov & Bulgarian Anarchism  Review by Jeff Stein

41. Frank Little, A Wobbly Life  Review by Gerald Ronning

42. Anarchism in America  Review by Jeff Stein

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