Anarcho-Syndicalist Review #60

asr60 coverASR #60 is now available.  Click on the link to order online (via Paypal), or you can order a copy for $5 from ASR, PO Box 42531, Philadelphia PA 19101 email: anarchosyndicalistreview


EDITORIAL: A booming economy?
OBITUARIES: Audrey Goodfriend, Mott Green; Nunzio Pernicone by Robert Helms
WOBBLES: Oiligarchs Fund “Stink Tanks,” Murderous Capital, Vanishing Labor Law, Chinese workers seize CEO
SYNDICALIST NEWS: USI-AIT hospital workers strike, Employer opens fire on migrant workers, Workers’ Control in Greece, Garment workers strike after factory collapse, Wobbly News… Compiled by Mike Hargis
Interview with Egyptian anarchist by Mark Mason
Do Fast Food Strikes Signal U.S. Labor Revival? Seattle Teachers Refuse Standardized Tests by John Kalwaic
ARTICLES: Seething anger, wildcat strikes, and growing struggles in South Africa’s mines by Shawn Hattingh
Thatcher: Putting the fun back into funeral by Iain McKay
Thatcher: Reagan with a brain by Mike Long
Proudhon on Race and the Civil War: Neither Washington nor Richmond by Iain McKay
REVIEWS: Lucy Parsons: American Anarchist Review essay by Iain McKay
Anarchism & Syndicalism in the Colonial World Review by Jon Bekken
Environmental Anti-Humanism Review by Graham Purchase
The IWW & the Spanish Revolution Review by Jon Bekken
Anarchist Science Fiction Review essay by Iain McKay
LETTERS: Consensus, Occupy Shareholders Meetings

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