Site under (re)construction

Our original web site ( has been hijacked, and our web hosting service’s hard drive was recently fried, destroying our web site. We are in the process of rebuilding this site. We are adding content day by day. Many links do not work. We are working on restoring functionality on these features, and will update this post as progress continues.

The Links page has now been updated, and all links should be fully functional. Please advise us if you find any problems. We would also welcome suggestions for additional sites that should be included.

The Shopping Cart should now be operational, allowing you to purchase the current issue or any back issue of ASR. The ASR Archives tab lists complete tables of contents for our back issues, dating back to 1986, though at present they load slowly from an external site. The “Browse Products” menu (under the shopping cart, on the right side of the screen) lists several books and other items available from us, which we believe are now activated for online ordering. We continue to work on improving this functionality.