Libertarian Labor Review 14-24

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Number 14, Winter 1993

Editorial: The Scourge of Nationalism.
Somalia: Chaos or Anarchy, Mike Hargis.
Revolutionary Labor Conferences, M. Hargis.
Russian Syndicalism in Transition.
Syndicalism in Norway (Interview), Harald Beyer-Arnesen
Principles of Libertarian Economics I, Abraham Guillen
A Short History of IWW Organizing in Ann Arbor, Mark Kaufmann

cover15Number 15, Summer 1993
Editorials: IMFing America.
How to Build the International.
Britain’s Direct Action Movement.
A Conference in Spain, Mattias Gardell.
“Reforming” the Teamsters, Jon Bekken.
Principles of Libertarian Economics II, Abraham Guillen
Anarchism in Russia, Mikhail Tsovma
The Four Hour Day, Mike Ballard

Number 16, Winter 1994
Editorial: Labor Party: What For?
The Myth of the Vanishing Working Class, Mike Hargis.
The IWW’s 1993 Assembly, Mike Hargis
The American Health Care Crisis: Capitalism, by Jon Bekken
IWW Organizing in the 1970s, Mike Hargis
Principles of Libertarian Economics III, Abraham Guillen (afterword by translator Jeff Stein)
Why Anti-Syndicalist “Anarchists” Ought to Think a Little More Clearly, Graham Purchase
The Idea of Good Government, E. Malatesta

Number 17, Summer 1994
Editorial: International Unity Postponed.
CNT on the Move.
From Production-Links to Human Relations, Harald Beyer-Arnesen
Prospects for Syndicalism, Interview with Mattias Gardell
Marxism: The Negation of Communism, Jeff Stein
The Information Railroad, Jon Bekken

Number 18, Summer 1995
Editorial: America Moves to the Right? Stop the Scabs!
The “New” Corporate World Economic Order, Noam Chomsky
Marine Transport Workers IU 510 (IWW): Direct Action Unionism, Jon Bekken
Anti-Authoritarian Press Review, M. Hargis
Commentary: Who Should We Fear? Fred

Number 19, Winter 1996

Editorial: Our Own Worst Enemy. Terror & Anarchy.
Too Many Syndicalisms, Too Few Syndicalists, Mikhail Tsovma
Workers Fight Restructuring in Spanish Ship-Building Industry, Mike Hargis
Split in the Unione Sindicale Italiana? Mike Hargis
The Goals and Structure of the CNT. translated by Jeff Stein
Industrial Networks: Rebuilding Syndicalism in the Workplace, Jon Bekken
Building Revolutionary Industrial Unions, Jeff Stein
The Mondragon Co-operative Federation: A model for our times? Mike Long
Commentary: Cooperation or Expropriation? Mike Hargis
Anarchist Press Review, Mike Hargis

Number 20, Summer 1996

Editorials: This Jobless Recovery. Time for a New Internationalism.
Obituaries: Albert Meltzer. Stuart Christie
IWA Aids Bangladesh Workers, Shaun Ellis
Evolution of the Spanish CGT, Jacques Toublet, translated by Mike Hargis
The Future of the USI: Interview with Gianfranco Carevi, translated by Mike Hargis
The CNT in the Workplace – translated by Jeff Stein
The Limits of Labor “Reform,” Jon Bekken
Rank-and-Filism: What It Is and What It Isn’t, Fred Thompson
Notes on Anarchy in North America, 1940-1995 (Part I), Mike Hargis

cover21Number 21, Spring 1997
Editorials: Is Militance Obsolete? The Labor Party Illusion. A Moratorium on Expulsions.
Two Conceptions of Unionism by Jon Bekken.
The Miners Strike in Chile and the Treason of the Leaders, by Mike Hargis.
The CNT’s Revolutionary Principles; translated by Jeff Stein.
The “Progressive” Electoral Mirage, by Mike Long.
Revolutionary Union News, by Mike Hargis.
The Limits of “Self”-Management Under Capitalism, by Jon Bekken.

cover22Number 22, Winter 1997-’98
Editorial: The Business Unions Can Not Be Reformed.
Cops Raid Anarchist Centers Across Italy.
The Nigerian Situation, by Awareness League.
Amsterdam protests against the European Union Summit, by Mike Hargis.
The Progress of the CGT, Interview with Jose Maria Olaizola.
“To dare to invent our future,” Encuentro Round Table.
Anarcho-Syndicalism: A Historical Closed Door … Or Not? by Harald Beyer-Arnesen.
Swedish Syndicalism, Ingemar Sjoo, translated by Kieran Casey.
Notes on Anarchism in America, Part II by Mike Hargis.

cover23Number 23, Summer 1998

Editorial: Economic Miracles.
Congress of the International Federation of Anarchists, by Mike Hargis
Aspects of Global Domination & Exploitation, by Intl Federation of Anarchists
The IWW Today: A Debate, by Mark McGuire & Jon Bekken
Crisis of Work, or Crisis of Capital? Rene Berthier, translated by Mike Hargis
Swedish Syndicalism, part II, Ingemar Sjoo, translated by Kieran Casey
The Tragedy of the Markets, by Jeff Stein
Lament of the Exploited, by Dale Pfeiffer

cover24Number 24 (Winter 1998-’99)
Editorial: International Solidarity Revisited.
Anarcho-Syndicalism in Belgium. Coordination Autonome des Travailleus interview by Jeremy Berthuin, translated by Mike Hargis
Realities and Problems of Base Unionism in Italy, Pippo Gurrieri, translated by Mike Hargis
Scamming the Welfare State, by Jeff Stein.
Nigerian Anarchism, Interview with Sam Mbah
Swedish Syndicalism, part III. Ingemar Sjoo, translated by Kieran Casey
SAC Hosts International Conference.