Libertarian Labor Review 1-13

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Number 1, Summer 1986
Modern Technology and Anarchism, Sam Dolgoff
Co-Management and Self-Management in Bolivia, Yvon LeBot
Fight for the Four-Hour Day, Jon Bekken
The Crisis of Unionism, Fidel Garron Canoyra
The Web of Labor Law, Pt. I, Jeff Stein
A Tale of Two Unionisms, Guy Cheverton
Reviews: Workers Councils and the Economics of a Self-Managed Society, Jon Bekken

Number 2, Winter 1987
The Spanish Revolution: 50th Anniversary, Sam Dolgoff
The Web of Labor Law, Part II, Jeff Stein
Protection for Whom? Jon Bekken
Wage Workers and Unemployment, J.P. Dumont
To Be or Not to Be in a Mass Union? J.P. Dumont
Zionists in Israel, Esther Dolgoff/Joseph Luden
Review: Free Women, Nan DiBello

Number 3, Summer 1987
Revolutionary Union News
Rebuilding the Italian Syndicalist Union, Mike Hargis
On The Waterfront, Coordinadora/Hargis
New Unions in Central and North America, Jeff Stein
Independent Unionism in Eastern Europe, Jon Bekken
Evolution of Anarcho-Syndicalism, Sam Dolgoff
Ben Fletcher: Portrait of a Black Syndicalist, Jeff Stein
Which Way for Labor after Hormel? Jon Bekken
Reviews: Anarchist Organization The History of the FAI, Jeff Stein
Auto Slavery: The Labor Process in the American Auto Industry, Jon Bekken
Labor Leaders in America, Jon Bekken
Letters: Zionism; DAM, WSA and the IWW
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Number 4, Winter 1988
Labor in Crisis, Sam Dolgoff
Self-Management and the Russian Revolution, Jeff Stein
South Africa: “National Liberation” or Workers’ Control? Jon Bekken
A Free, Fighting Union: The Swedish Workers’ Central Organization (SAC)
Revolutionary Unionism in France, Direct Action
Misconceptions of Anarchism, Sam Dolgoff

Number 5, Summer 1988
Editorial: On the Need for an Anarcho-Syndicalist Organization
Nicaragua: The Sandinista Counter-Revolution, Dolgoff/Bekken
Lenin & Gorbachev, Sam Dolgoff
High Tech & Direct Action, Jeff Stein
Business Unionism and the Suicidal Decline of the Unions, Sam Dolgoff
Worker Ownership: An Anathema for Anarchists or Anarchism in Action? Frank Adams
The Role of Marxism in the International Labor Movement, Sam Dolgoff
Debates:Modern Technology and Anarchism, R. Alexander/J. Stein
The Four Hour Day Revisited, Laure A./J. Bekken
Getting There From Here, David Beringer

Number 6, Winter 1989
Editorial: The Need for International Unity.
Anarcho-Syndicalism and the Environmental Movement, Jon Bekken
The IWW: Workers First, Louis Prisco
Earth First! The Underbelly Exposed, Chris Shillock
Revolutionary Unionism in Brazil, Sam Dolgoff/Le Combat Syndicaliste
On Union Democracy, Michael Bakunin
Questions for Anarcho-Syndicalists

Number 7, Summer 1989
Editorial: Rumors and Renovados.
“Third World” Nationalism, Sam Dolgoff
Women Workers and Anarcho-Syndicalism, Jon Bekken & Peggy Johnson
The General Strike in Spain, Various
The Cuban Revolution: Thirty Years Later, Sam Dolgoff
East Bloc Tyrants Rocked By Workers’ Rebellion, Various
Organizing The Job, G. Stress
Emma Goldman and Revolutionary Syndicalism, Excerpt

Number 8, Winter 1990
Editorial: Anarchists Are Not Thugs.
Obituaries: Esther Dolgoff, Minnie Corder, José Peirats
Revolutionary Union News
Pittston: The Limits of Business Unionism, Jeff Stein
Anarcho-Syndicalist Tendencies in Russian Labor, Sam Dolgoff
Anarcho-Syndicalism Reborn in Soviet Union, Mike Hargis
An Interview with Noam Chomsky, Jon Bekken & Nan DiBello
Staying Alive on the Job: A Syndicalist Approach, Jon Bekken
The Environment is a Class Issue, Rebel Worker
Report on the Anarcho-Syndicalist Conference
The San Francisco “Anarchist” Gathering, Jon Bekken and A-Wob
Reviews: The Carpenters of Chicago, Doug Slaton
Anarchist Economics, Review Essay by Jon Bekken
Books on Labor, Anarchism and Related Subjects, Sam Dolgoff and Jon Bekken
Letters: Organizing Prisoners, Abolish Work?, Infiltration of the Anarchist Movement
Publications Received

Number 9, Summer 1990
Editorial: Anarcho-Syndicalism & the East Bloc.
The Revolutionary Revival in Eastern Europe, Sam Dolgoff
Anarchist Stirrings in the USSR, Will Firth
Last Chance for the IWW? Jon Bekken & Jeff Stein
Industrial Strategy & Revolutionary Unionism, Direct Action Movement

Number 10, Winter 1991
Obituary: Passing the Torch (Sam Dolgoff)
Proudhon’s Economic Legacy, Jeff Stein
Capitalism is Criminal, Jon Bekken
The Union Fight Has No Frontiers, Jeff Ditz
To Hide the Head in the Sand, Torbjorn Svenson
We Must Live in Harmony with the Planet, Jeff Ditz
Revolutionary Unionism Around the World, Various
Report on the U.S. Situation, Mike Hargis
Anarcho-Syndicalist Unionism, Direct Action Movement

Number 11, Summer 1991
Editorial: A New World Order?
Organizing for the 1990s, Jon Bekken
Soviet Miners Shake Kremlin.
Interview with Soviet Syndicalists, Le Monde Libertaire
General Strike Against the Gulf War, Mike Hargis
Anarchists & the Workers Movement, International Fed. of Anarchists
Kropotkin’s Anarchist Critique of Capitalism, Jon Bekken
Iranian Workers Struggle for Freedom, Ali Javadi
Five Years of the LLR (with Index)

Number 12, Winter 1992
Editorial: Waiting for the Millenium.
Anarchists in the New Russian Revolution.
IWW Organizing Industrial Network in Education.
Swords Into Plowshares, Direct Action
Dispersed Fordism & the New Organization of Labor, Etcetera
Peter Kropotkin’s Anarchist Communism, Jon Bekken

Number 13, Summer 1992
Editorial: One More Nail in the Coffin.
Van Heusen Faces Pickets, Jeff Kelly
Direct Action & Freedom, Michael D’Amore
European Alternative Unions Meet – Mike Hargis
North American Free Trade? – Jon Bekken
CNT Wins Recognition at the Puerto Real Shipyard, Mike Hargis
Soviet Workers Demand Self-Management.
The Collectivist Transition – Jeff Stein
Bakunin and the Historians – Jon Bekken