Anarcho-Syndicalist Review 61-70

asr61coverASR 61 (Winter 2014)

3  Editorials: Work Until You Drop
4  Are the Republicans Anarchists? A Reply to Sen. Warren
5  Wobbles: Shutting Down the Government, Subsidizing Poverty Wages, High-Tech Sweatshops, There is a Limit
6  Syndicalist News: Spanish CNT Fights Pension “Reform,” Low-Wage Workers’ Rebellion Spreads, USI General Strike, Bangladeshi Garment Workers, Independent Truckers Strike, Wobbly News… Compiled by Mike Hargis
9  Solidarity Actions Hit Santander Bank  by John Kalwaic
9  Report from IWA’s 25th Congress in Valencia
11  Articles: Speech to Metalworkers: Anarcho-Syndicalism for South African Unions Today by Lucien van der Walt
21  Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprises: A Revolutionary Program  by Wayne Price
25  Anarchist Economics  by Iain McKay
29  For Cyber Syndicalism  by Jeff Shantz
31  Victor Serge: The Worst of the Anarchists  by Iain McKay
39  Reviews: Prosperity Through Self-Management  Review essay by Brian Martin
44  The Irrational in Economics  Review essay by Jeff Stein
47  Anarchist Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle  Review by Steve Kellerman
48  Early New Zealand Anarchism  Review by Graham Purchase
48  Kropotkin for Beginners  Review Essay By Graham Purchase
50  Taking Proudhon Seriously  Review essay by Iain McKay

ASR 62 (Summer 2014)ASR 62

3  Editorials: The Capitalist Seige Mentality
4 Obituary: Penny Pixler
4  Wobbles: Bosses want cheap workers, Union Scabbery, Amazon rips off workers, Educators under attack…
6  Syndicalist News: CNT gains ground, Workers occupy factory in Istanbul, Solidarity Federation wins unpaid wages, IWW picket attacked, Turkey: “It’s not an accident, it’s murder” … Compiled by Mike Hargis
10  Fast Food Walkouts: New Experimental Solidarity or Astroturf Smoke and Mirrors? by John Kalwaic
11 Articles: Ukraine, Odessa, Anarchism in the context of civil war by Antti Rautiainen
13  Venezuela: Autonomy, self-management, direct action & solidarity by El Libertario
15  The making of an anarchist bookfair by Jay Kerr & Sid Parissi
17  Bakunin Bicentennary: An injury to one is an injury to all: Mikhail Bakunin’s social conception of freedom by Harald Beyer-Arnesen
18  Bakunin: Count on No One But Yourselves!
19  Bakunin & the First International by Jon Bekken
21  Politics at a distance from the State: Speech to South African Movements by Lucien van der Walt
24  Radical Happiness by Brian Martin
31  Work & Freedom by Jon Bekken
33  Reviews: Libertarian Socialism: Beyond Anarchism and Marxism? Review essay by Iain McKay
35  What really was the “Real Socialism” of the Soviet Union? Review by Wayne Price
37  Marxist economics for anarchists  Review by J.N. McFadden
38  Green Syndicalism Review by Jon Bekken

asr 63 coverASR 63 (Winter 2015)

3. Editorial: Another Military Adventure
4. Obituaries: Frederic Lee and Sam Mbah
4. Wobbles: U.S. Elections, Too Much Prosperity?, Murder for Profit, Living Wages for Fast Food Workers, The Surveillance State, Climate March
6. International News: UPS Workers Fight Police Brutality, Funding Neoliberal Politicians, Polish Hospital Workers Fight Outsourcing… compiled by Michael Hargis
7. Longshore Strike, Argentine Occupation by John Kalwaic
8. Kobani and Anarchism by Sid Parissi
9. Articles: On Sabotage and Pipelines: A Green Syndicalist Commentary by Jeff Shantz
11. Anarchist shaping of technology by Brian Martin
16. Boomtime in Poundland: Has Austerity Worked? by Iain McKay
23. Bakunin Bicentenary: From the Bottom Up: The First International and the Emergence of European Anarchist Movements  by Robert Graham
27. The Alliance & The Ideological Diffusion That Wasn’t by Carlos Jose Marquez-Alvarez, translated by Mike Hargis
29. Bakunin and the Historians Revisited  Review essay by Jon Bekken
30. The London Dock Strike of 1889 by Iain McKay
33. What A Strike Is  by Peter Kropotkin
35. Reviews: Colin Ward’s Anarchism by Wayne Price
37. With Fate Conspire: John Taylor Caldwell by Mike Long
41. Is “Radical Democracy” Enough? Henry Giroux, America’s Education Deficit & The War on Youth by Wayne Price
43. Soapbox Rebellion by Steve Kellerman
43. Alternative Opening and the Making of Modern Japan by Jing Zhao
45. The Method of Freedom by Iain McKay
47. Three Vintage IWW Bowling Cartoons by Steve Kellerman

asr64 coverASR 64/5 Summer 2015

3. Editorial: Trans-Pacific Partnership
4. Wobbles: Outbreak of Bi-Partisanship, Profiteering off Health Care “Reform,” Announcements
5. International News: Bulgarian Syndicalists, Solidarity with Amazon Temps; Green/Rail Alliance, Fighting Wage Theft… compiled by Michael Hargis
9. Polish hospital workers win… by John Kalwaic
10. Articles: Anarchy in Athens by Nicholas Apoifis
13. (barely) Staying Alive: The US Economy Since the ’70s (50 Years of Economic Crisis) by Jon Bekken
17. From Capitalism To Commons by Brian Martin
21. Symposium: The U.S. Government’s War Against the IWW Review and commentary by Staughton Lynd (21), Peter Cole (23), Gerald Ronning (25) and Steve Kellerman (27). Response by Eric Chester (29).
33. Kropotkin: Class Warrior by Iain McKay
36. The Action of the Masses & the Individual P. Kropotin
38. Climate Change: “Only Mass Social Movements Can Save Us Now” Review essay by Wayne Price
40. Canada’s New Anti-Terrorism Act and the “Green Syndicalist Menace” by Jeff Shantz
42. Democracy At Work Review essay by Iain McKay
50. Reviews: Lessons of the Spanish Civil War Jeff Stein
52. The Great Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912 review by Steve Kellerman
53. Syndicalism in a Neo-Liberal Climate by Mark McGuire
55. Two Cheers For Anarchism review by Iain McKay
58. Celebrating a Frame-Up review by Robert Helms
58. The Legacy of Chinese Anarchism review by Jing Zhao

asr 66 coverASR 66 (Winter 2016)

3. Editorial: The Bernie Sanders Illusion
3. Obituary: Federico Arcos
4. Wobbles: Vulture Capitalists, Economic “Boom,” Killing Your Own Job, Jailed for Poverty, Profiteering Off Pensions…
6. Syndicalist News: Union-busting in Kyrgyzstan, Polish Nurses Strike, U.S. Job Deaths Rise, Repression in Iran, Paperworkers Build Global Links, Autoworkers Fight Two-Tier, Polish & German Amazon Workers Coordinate Struggles, CNT Strike… compiled by Mike Hargis
9. Articles: Ready to Fight: Developing 21st Century Community Syndicalism by Shane Burley
15. Imperial Wars &  Their Losers: A Critique of ‘Labor Aristocracy’ Theories by Lucien van der Walt
16. The “Sharing” Economy by Jon Bekken
17. The Attempted Rehabilitation of the Communist Party by Wayne Price
21. Poor Adam Smith  by Iain McKay
23. Proudhon, Property & Possession by Iain McKay
26. Regarding Louis Blanc – The Present Utility and Future Possibility of the State by P. J. Proudhon, translated by Shawn P. Wilbur
29. Anarchists in the Russian Labor Movement: 1900 – 1930 by Anatoly Viktorovich Dubovik, translated by Malcolm Archibald
32. Reviews: The Realities of Self-Management review by Jeff Stein
34. Anarchists & the French-Algerian War review by Wayne Price
35. Joe Hill’s Living Legacy review by Jon Bekken
35. The “Progressives” and Labor Reform  review by Dylan B.
38. Germany’s “Wild Socialism” review by Jon Bekken
39. Reclaiming the Commons review by Jon Bekken
39. Letter: Like A Bag Over Our Heads by Kenneth Miller

asr67coverASR 67 (Summer 2016)

3. Editorial: The Anti-Fascist Dilemma
4. Obituaries: Paul Poulos and Louis Prisco
4. Wobbles: Unaffordable Healthcare Act, Walmart Calls in the FBI, Wildcat Strikes, World Without Work? …
6. International News: Verizon Strike, S. Korean Unions Under Attack, Terrorist Puppets?, Reorganizing the International Workers Association?… compiled by Michael Hargis
10. Worker Revolt in France by John Kalwaic
12. Organizing Immigrant Workers in Berlin from Direkte Aktion
13. Articles: Should the Left Call for a Third Party? by Wayne Price
17. Bows & Arrows: Indigenous Workers and the IWW on the Vancouver Docks  by Jeff Schantz
20. The $400 Question: Getting By After 50 Years of Stagnation by Jon Bekken
21. Anarchism in the 21st Century  by Iain McKay
25. A History of Anarchism in Ukraine, 1980s – 1990s by Anatoly Dubovik, translated by Malcolm Archibald Supplemental Glossary available only online
34.Reviews: An Improved Capitalism? Or the End of Capitalism? Review essay by Wayne Price
37.George Orwell’s Solidarity with Imprisoned Anarchists Review essay by Raymond Solomon
38. Transportation and the Ecological Crisis by Jon Bekken

68-coverASR 68 (Fall 2016)

2. Editorial: Rebuilding a Revolutionary Labor Movement
4. Obituaries: Jack Grancharoff and Bob McGlynn
5. Wobbles: Trusting Hillary, Economy Booming – For the Top 5%, Unaffordable Healthcare, $15 for Campaigners? …
7. International News: Chileans Protest, Ukrainian Miners, Indian general strike… compiled by Michael Hargis
9. Articles: Che Guevara’s Authoritarian Vision by Wayne Price
12. Socialists and Workers: The 1896 London Congress by Davide Turcato
14. International Congresses and the Congress of London by Peter Kropotkin
17. The Spanish Revolution of 1936  by Vadim Damier, translated by Malcolm Archibald
19. The Anarcho-Syndicalist Genesis of Orwell’s Revolutionary Years by Raymond Solomon
22. Two New Books on Spanish Anarchism Review essay by Jeff Stein
24. Reviews: In Defiance of Boundaries: Anarchism in Latin American History Review by Martin Comack
25. Contemporary Anarchist Studies Review by Chad Anderson
27. China on Strike Review by Jon Bekken
28. Left of the Left: My Memories of Sam Dolgoff Review by Peter Cole
30. Kropotkin: Reviewing the Classical Anarchist Tradition Review by Iain McKay
30. Ludlow and Its Aftermath  Review by Jon Bekken
31. Individualism versus Egoism Review essay by Iain McKay
34. Reviewed Briefly, Letters

ASR 69 (Winter 2017)

2. Collective Editorial: Trumpocolypse
3. A New Wave Of Radicalism? By Martin Comack
3. The Tragedy Of Trump By Jeff Stein
4. Wobbles: A Workers’ Climate Plan, Economic Inequality, Dangerous Unions?, Precarious Futures…
6. International Labor News  Compiled by Mike Hargis
8. Articles: A New Vision or a New Reformism?  By Wayne Price
10. Trumpocolypse: After the Election  By Wayne Price
11. Here We Go Again  By Samantha Berangi
12. Tendencies of Trumpocalypse  By Jeff Shantz
13. Mother/Caregiver by Elena Hontangas
15. Defeating Capital to Save the Planet  By James Herod
18. Feature: The Fall of the First International
18. Anarchy and Democracy  By Robert Graham
21. Workers Unite! The International 150 Years Later Review Essay by Iain McKay
33. Marx’s War on the International Labor Movement Review by Jon Bekken
34. Marxism & Anarchism in the First International Review by Iain McKay
36. Reviews: Revolution and Dictatorship by Luigi Fabbri; Translated by Paul Sharkey
38. From Russia with Critique  Review by Iain McKay
40. Nakov & Bulgarian Anarchism  Review by Jeff Stein
41. Frank Little, A Wobbly Life  Review by Gerald Ronning
42. Anarchism in America  Review by Jeff Stein

ASR 70 (Summer 2017)

Editorial: Wanted: More Social Misery
Wobbles: Robbed at Work, Tech Workers Organize, Climate Change Vanishes, Policing the Fight for $15…
International Labor News: Australia, Bulgaria, Egypt, India, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Venezuela  
Behind the Split in the International Workers Association  By Free Workers Union of Germany International Secretary
Articles: The Bolshevik Myth Reloaded By Iain McKay
When the Ice Melts  Historical Fiction by Dan Georgakas
Remembering 100 Years of International Women’s Day and the Russian Revolution  By Sid Parissi
Anarcho-Syndicalism Today  By Jon Bekken
Fascist Guns Down Seattle Wobbly
Producerism: The Homegrown Roots of Trumpism   By Jeff Shantz
The Poverty of (Marx’s) Philosophy By Iain McKay
Reviews: Workers’ Self-Management in the Caribbean Review by Martin Comack
Civil Wars: Quests for Power  Review by Jeff Stein
The Obscenity of Hierarchy  Review by Tony Sheather
Obamalot  A film review by Jeff Stein
Letters: Revolutionary Unionism, Fighting Bigotry

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