Anarcho-Syndicalist Review 25-30

#25, Summer 1999
Editorials: The Curse of Factionalism?, Welcome to ASR.
Wobbles: Fight for the 4 Hour Day, Outlawing Direct Action, Worried Bosses…
International Notes: IWA Plenary Report, Makhno Historical Revisionsm…
The Danish General Strike, by Eric Chester, with a comment by Jon Bekken
Defense of the Public Service or Defense of the State? from L’Affranchi
Reform And Revolution: Noam Chomsky on Anarcho-Syndicalism
Beyond Productivism: Syndicalism & Ecology, by Jeffrey Shantz with a comment by Jeff Stein
An Interview with Cuban Anarchist Frank Fernandez
Review Essay: Working on the Waterfront, Review by Jon Bekken
Reviewed Briefly: Sentenced to Death Under Franco, Self Education… Reviews by Graham Purchase, Mike Long, Jamie Hutchinson

#26, Fall 1999
Editorials: Peace If You Want It, The Right to Be Fired
Wobbles: Bosses Locked-In, Union Democracy, Fighting the World Trade Organization…
The Global Threat of the World Trade Organization, by Mark, We Dare Be Free
International Notes: Spanish Shipyard Workers, Italian Syndicalism…
The Anarchist Movement in Mexico, from CNT, translated by Michael J. Hargis
Union Struggles in the New Russia, by Vadim Damier, trans. by Michael Hargis
Recovering the Spanish Syndicalist Tradition, by Maria Rodriguez Gil
The CNT’s Fight Against Temp Agencies, interview with Paco Cabello, from Lotta di Classe
Reform And Revolution: Noam Chomsky on Anarcho-Syndicalism Part II, with commentaries by James Herod and Graham Purchase
International Solidarity Conference Falls Short, by Jon Bekken
German Syndicalism Takes Root, by Jon Bekken
Anarcho-Syndicalism in France, interview with Denis Coste & Floriane Capocci
Reviews: The Legacy of Ricardo Flores Magon, AFL’s New Direction, Remembering Spain… Reviews by Jeff Stein, Mike Long, Jon Bekken & Alexis Buss
Anarchist Press Review, by Michael J. Hargis

#27, Winter 1999
Editorials: Happy Days Are Here Again, John Sweeney – Corporate Lackey
Wobbles: Anarchist Candidates? Industrial Organizing Conference, The Burger International, False Promise, Let Them Eat Gold
Chomsky Symposium: Jeff Stein, Mike Long, and Jon Bekken on the ASR Chomsky Interview
Revolutionary Union News from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain,Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan, compiled by Michael J. Hargis
European Meeting of Alternative Unionism
The Workers Movement in Indonesia, from Direct Action
The Zapatistas and Direct Democracy, by Andrew Flood
Works Councils and Anarcho-Syndicalism, by the CNT-AIT, translated by Solidarity Federation
95 Years of Revolutionary Industrial Unionism: A Chronology, Part I – by Michael Hargis
A Note from Labor History: The IWW’s Emergency Program Split, by Jon Bekken
Annotated Bibliography of Books on the IWW, by Steve Kellerman
Review: Recent Books on the IWW (by Jon Bekken )
Reviews: Italian Anarchists Against Fascism, Meatpackers, Joseph Labadie Bio… by Jon Bekken, Jeff Stein and Graham Purchase

#28, Spring 2000
Editorial: The Battle of Seattle
Wobbles: Union Leaders on Rampage, Wildcatting for Safety, Looking for Prosperity …
International Labor News: Russian Workers Seize Work, French Unionists Face Kidnap Charges, Korean Workers Fight Capitalist Austerity, Scottish Workers Wildcat …
The Battle of Seattle: Globalized Capitalism and its Discontents from We Dare Be Free
Seattle: The First U.S. Riot Against ‘Globalization’? by Loren Goldner
What Next After Seattle? by Scott Lamson
Freedom and Industry: The Syndicalism of Christian Cornelissen, by Jeff Stein
Syndicalist Utopias, review essay by Jon Bekken
95 Years of Revolutionary Industrial Unionism: A Chronology Part II – compiled by Michael Hargis
How to Find Your Local Wobbly History, by Robert Helms
Reviews: Campaigning for a Living Wage, High-Performance Business Unions … by Jon Bekken

#29, Summer 2000
Editorial: Union Democracy
Wobbles: Anarchist Communist Federation, Prosperity, ‘Anarchist’ Politicians
Revolutionary Union News: CNT Fights Job Deaths, Taxi Strike, Minister Ousted, May Day
Building Another Future: Syndicalists Meet in Paris
IMF/World Bank Protests, by Michael Hargis
Direct Action: Towards an Understanding of a Concept, by Harald Beyer-Arnesen
Mondragon and Other Coops: For and Against, by Mike Long
Housing Collectives, by John Englart and Helen Lee
Lakeside Press, by Jerry Chernow
Jura Books, by Sid Parissi
Left Bank Books, by the Left Bank Books Collective
The Spanish Revolution, by Sam Dolgoff
Reviews: The Radical Alternative to Business As Usual, 8-Hour Day, Southern Labor, T-Bone Slim, Reviews by Eric Chester, Jon Bekken, and Jeffrey Schantz

#30, Winter 2000/2001
Editorials: After the Elections, The Folly of Nationalism
Obituary: Goliardo Fiaschi (1930 – 2000)
Wobbles: WTO ‘nightmare,’ Deck Stacked Against US Workers, Living Wage Win for Portland IWW…
Repression: 25 Years for Protesting?
International Labor News: Korean Workers Struggle, Czech Workers Face Ax, Landless seize offices in Brazil
Bolivia: A Social Avalanche! by Juventudes Libertarias
Direct Action Gets the Goods in Indonesia
General Strike in Serbia, by Ratibor T. Trivunac
The Rebirth of French Anarcho-Syndicalism? by Gary Zabel
Anarcho-syndicalism vs. Insurrectionism, by Seisdedos
35-hour-week: Lower incomes and more work, by Wildcat
Reviews: The Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War, by Jon Bekken
Reviews: Class War in Portugal, Human Nature & Anarchism, Russia in Crisis, Anarchy, Illustrated Economics. Reviews by Jon Bekken, Martin Comack, Mike Long, Graham Purchase & Jeff Stein