This website may go dark for a few days while we move to a new webhost. We hope to be back no later than Sept. 21. We were able to gain access to our domain registration with the assistance of a domain directory service, and have now purchased a webhosting contract with a new provider. They promise to transfer the content over soon. It will take quite a bit longer to rebuild our ecommerce operation, which has not been functional since December 2021 after our current provider disabled it. But we would hope to restore functionality in the next couple of weeks, and to gradually add the books and other materials we distribute over the following weeks.

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For more than a year, our webhosting service (EZOS) has been refusing our requests for technical support on a variety of fronts, most significantly to restore our online store which they unilaterally closed last year claiming (without providing evidence) that it was being used to send out anti-Putin spam. They have also refused to provide access to our domain registration, and the phone number and contact information available through WhoIs for the domain registrar they used appears to be bogus. Without access to the domain registration we cannot switch to a new webhost, and so we are forced to abandon our online presence. We expect this site will go dark at some point in September, access to its contents should be available through the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine). Alternately, you can download any files you are interested in access to so long as this site remains live. We do not anticipate being able to regain access to our domain in the future, and so do not expect to be able to return to any substantive online presence in the future.

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